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  1. A collection of short stories by Tom Hanks. So far, very good.
  2. Pittsburgh area. Tom is a Penguins fan, hence his avatar. Sorry to hear about health issues Tom. Get better soon.
  3. Was a court order obtained to exhume this thread after 16 years? The OP, Parrot, has been banned for almost as long. Several of the posters have gone to their rewards. Ported Bose 901s with foam surrounds have gone through several repair kits by now. The sealed 901s with cloth surrounds are probably still playing if fed 200 wars per channel. I owned a set of sealed 901s and played them loudly with a Dynaco ST400 amp. The 901s and the Dynaco are long gone. A succession of Klipsch, including Khorns, La Scalas, and Heresys have more than filled the void. Bose 901s have their place, so long as it’s not here.
  4. Say it ain’t so Otis. An article in The Detroit Free Press about the 60th anniversary of the Temptations included the attached photo.
  5. This Spartan is now all GO BLUE. I want The Wolverines to beat Iowa in the B1G Championship game and to represent B1G well in CFP. @rplace Although, I must admit my motives are somewhat selfish. Michigan victories boost MSU’s bowl stock, as the school to hand U of M its only loss. Also, my HOLEP surgery this summer at U of M Hospital (GO BLUE) now makes it easier for this Spartan to GO YELLOW.
  6. She speaks and “sings” in episode 2.
  7. The Count . . . Your German edition is stunning.
  8. That is a favorite of mine.
  9. Michigan has played very well. It would take a total collapse by Michigan for The Ohio State to avoid The Upset.
  10. It will be a surprise if Wolverines don’t give Buckeys a challenge. It will be an even bigger surprise if the could pull off an upset. Looking forward to watching the game. Later this afternoon I’ll be watching MSU vs PSU to see if Spartans have any fight left after being embarrassed by Buckeyes.
  11. DizRotus


    Bally Sports Detroit—the only way to watch the Tigers—is part of the DirecTV content.
  12. DizRotus


    UPDATE 11/27/21 DirecTV delivered three sets of hardware (one for each TV) on Tuesday 11/24. On Wednesday 11/25 Comcast “ported” our business phone from WOW to Comcast and installed the business Internet line at our home/business. The business phone transfer was seamless. The Comcast tech is a Klipsch fan who asked to hear my basement system. On that same day, Comcast installed a business Internet line at the duplex rented by our two sons. With the help of our younger (31) son, we “installed” the DirecTV on Wednesday. We couldn’t be more pleased. The operation of the TVs, remotes, and DVR is a huge improvement over WOW. Our account with DirecTV allows our sons to also access content from the duplex. They’re thrilled with the changes. The speed of uploads and downloads at the duplex is substantially improved. The performance and service are better and the overall cost is Lower. The BEST part is the ability to speak to a Comcast representative easily without wading through WOW’s phone jail. The last insults from WOW were the need to speak with WOW residential and business reps to cancel the three WOW accounts. Cancelling on the WOW site, even using “Live Chat,” was not possible. Now, WOW insisted on speaking with me, and they wanted feedback. Before, they showed no interest in speaking with me or addressing my concerns. Too little too late.
  13. Welcome to active status Gabriel, and good luck with your search As I’ve mentioned here many times before, in the mid-70s, I used four Speakerlab SKhorns (Klipschorn knockoffs) in a mobile DJ business, a “party” if you will. They worked well for that use. Frequently it was not possible to place them in proper corners, but the bass was aided by enclosing the backs with plywood. Is appearance important? Perhaps some small now defunct cinema has decorator Khorns that have gone silent.
  14. Yesterday Comcast Business installed Internet and phone for our home-based business. So far so good. It was a good omen when the technician looked at my basement setup and said, “Heresys. Can I hear them?” He has been contemplating purchasing Heresys of some variant. I turned off the four Anarchy Exodus tapped horn subs and explained how my HIPs with Crites CT120 tweeters, re-coned EV woofers and modified network’s were not exactly representative of all other Heresys. Eventually he asked to add in the subs. He seemed pleased.
  15. The current line is PSU by 1 1/2 over MSU. I’m surprised it’s not larger, especially after Sparty’s beat down last week. The best thing about MSU vs PSU is that the loser has the “reward” of NOT having to store, for another year, the ugliest rivalry trophy in all of college football.
  16. Am I correct that you would be against an extension?
  17. Unlike most of my MSU alumni friends, I root for Michigan when appropriate. I want the best team to represent the B1G. IMO, OSU is the best team in BIG, and has the best chance of representing B1G in CFP. If Michigan beats OSU, then I will root for Michigan, but I genuinely believe OSU has superior talent and coaching.
  18. You must be proud. Does he plan to attend college? There are many opportunities to play college football for the pleasure, not a scholarship. My parents wanted me to attend Principia College in Elsah,Illinois. On a visit, I saw a game against Iowa Wesleyan. I could have started at quarterback for either team, and I never played quarterback. There are plenty of Andy Hardy style colleges where football is played purely for enjoyment. Another option would be as a walk-on. My nephew did that at a Pac 12 school. It was a great experience, despite never playing a snap. The structure, camaraderie and academic support were perfect for him. My best wishes to your son.
  19. GO BUCKEYES next Saturday.
  20. Dave @Dave1291 That video is interesting but poorly named. The guitarist is playing Smoke On The Water by the band Deep Purple. The title suggests the song Deep Purple, a hit by Nino Tempo and April Stevens, is a Delta Blues tune, not the band.
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