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  1. Cassius Winston is out with a bone bruise, but Spartans are handling WMU Broncos. Coming to you from Breslin Center, Section 135, Row 24, Seat 107. 77 - 34 @ 9:20. FINAL: MSU 95 WMU 62
  2. I forgot to watch any football yesterday. How many times did they show, or mention, Woody punching that Clemson player in 1978?
  3. To burn in the unit it was playing Christmas music for days using Spotify and Bluetooth. It played four long days in a row on a single charge. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where more charge capacity would be required. Play it all day and charge it all night. My brother (the nephew’s father) and I are debating whether to play that famous hit by Junior Walker & The All Stars as the box is being opened. It would not be difficult to have it powered and paired to a phone with that song. It could start while the wrapping paper is being removed. Nephew Ben and his beautiful bride would appreciate the humor, but their infant daughter’s maternal grandparents might take offense. An example of Ben’s sense of humor is the attached photo he circulated illustrating the similarity between their daughter and Patton Oswalt. Patton is on the right.
  4. The winner was disqualified after testing positive for spheroids.
  5. Now you’re talkin’ Bruce. Got to keep the Liechtenstein economy humming. Gradually all of my speakers and amps are being converted to Neutrik Speakon connectors. No more, barrier strips, binding posts, or banana plugs for this guy, just positive polarized connections that can be operated with one hand in the dark. Notice the audiophool grade zip cord visible in the center photo. PWK would be pleased.
  6. La Scalas fit in my wife’s Ford Edge with room to spare. A couple of record albums could have been squeezed in easily.
  7. It would have been interesting to see Burrow playing his former school.
  8. The Crites B&C 120 is attached to a drop-in K-77 replacement plastic horn. I’m all but positive the B&C drivers are not easily attached to genuine metal K-77/T-35 horns. The Crites 120 requires no modification to the motor boards and has the same appearance as the K-77/T-35 horn.
  9. Looks like a lot of work for a birthday lady. @dtel's wife
  10. Hi Mark, Dave, @Mallette, might be headed to Beltsville. He was wondering who from the Forum might be nearby. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Christy, @dtel's wife. Let — make — Elden, @dtel, wait on you today. You shouldn’t need to lift a finger.
  12. Isn’t that a Mediterranean dish?
  13. If why’re is too subtle your post above will do a total fly-over.
  14. Damn auto-correct. You meant to say Cruze, didn’t you?
  15. Read the post you quoted slowly out loud.
  16. DizRotus


    Be careful. You’ll pay a sin tax.
  17. Carl doesn’t have that kind of dough.
  18. I worked in a VW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Subaru store in the 70s. The Audi 100LS and Fox were Teutonic, but anything but German quality.
  19. A friend of mine hates government regulations and thinks the market economy will deal with everything. After his daughter survived a serious head-on collision, I pointed out to him that government regulations, not the marketplace, required her Nissan to have life saving air bags. It has been proven repeatedly that most people will not pay for safety, it must be regulated upon them.
  20. I thought you work at Dodge store and I know you have an affinity for Porsches. I’m puzzled by the Chevy. Glad you’re OK. The Chevy will buff out. Carl, have you been in an airbag deploying accident? When our Chevy Astro van was totaled by a Corolla driver running a red light while on the phone, my wife thought she’d gone to heaven when the air bags blew.
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