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  1. Are you talking about the K-500 Horns (Lenses) and the K-55-M drivers?
  2. I'm in if you're within reasonable distance from Vegas
  3. Once upon a time I got in trouble for this dreadful act of posting items for sale that should have been posted in the GARAGE SALE SECTION! That's it, I'm calling the Klipsch Police! Shame shame double shame!
  4. Uh Ohhh, the Klipsch Forum Police is gonna get this guy!
  5. I responded to this Phoenix Craigslist ad awhile back. I emailed asking a few questions and ever heard back. What really strikes me is, I seldom EVER see higher end Klipsch speakers go up for sale in SLC. A very rare occasion!
  6. Yes, I agree. Just use a welding grinder. That'll do it every time!
  7. Two Grand for a pair of nice Belle's is quite the deal! I feel certain you'll sell them quickly. Should the woofer need replacement, I removed a woofer from one of my Belle's before and it's not a difficult task.
  8. Which reminds me of "Dynamo Hum" 😆
  9. Too bad a person must use Crites tweeters and cannot use the regular K-77's. ☹️
  10. How many different Klipsch speaker models do they adapt to?
  11. You are correct in thinking so as I was. Difference is you got away with it! No problem, it was likely a prejudice where I'm concerned
  12. Hmm, last time I commented on pricing on a particular ad I got HAMMERED by people! The forum came undone on me telling me to keep my figures to myself! Buckle up DREWOGATORY, you might just get a lashing!
  13. That's one sweet receiver/amp! Your particular Sansui G5700 is the only Sansui amp within my amp collection. All of my other receivers are vintage Marantz and this particular Sansui is the closest sound to Marantz that I've ever heard. We all know that "warm sound" that vintage Marantz units provide. Tempting ...
  14. Tony T


    Gosh Golly, what nice speakers! It's difficult to understand why they haven't sold yet!
  15. I have noticed that most all caps are electrolytic. I've also noticed they're less expensive that film caps. Since non-electrolytic capacitors are a more durable capacitor, I wonder, why not use them instead?
  16. Is there any kind of reference chart that'll tell me which Jantzen, Clarity, etc. caps are used for the AL-3 or AA xovers? It seems I have brand new leftover caps pertaining to different Klipsch speakers that have no homes. I'd be nice if I knew what caps went to the various boards on Khorns, Lascala's and Belle's. Hate to buy replacement caps if I already have them. The only think I have to go by are the microfarad/voltage readings between old and new caps. Is that enough? Still learning how to do this. Thanks!
  17. It seems the greatest desire regarding sound reproduction is the V2's opposed to earlier V1's. I personally like the way the V1's look. More of a tractrix style over elliptical. Anyone favor V1 over V2?
  18. Just curious, what was/is on the other end of your Crown's?
  19. One of my pair of Khorns was signed by him (on the ID tag) but sadly, this isn't anything I can provide you.
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