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  1. More new Dee Gees for your listening pleasure- Shadow Dancing (Jul 26, 2021)
  3. CANDY SLICE (Patti Smith?)
  4. ZZ first European Tour / Tube Snake Boogie- Live Video
  5. Not my fight but am enjoying. The "walker" comment was superb!
  6. Um.......The Dee Gees.
  7. Went to school for semester at Kings College in London. That was years ago. But feel free to ask away.
  8. Great quailty video!
  9. Monkey Gone to Heaven Since You're Gone
  10. I'd Love to Change the World
  11. Hey - I Predict A Riot - Holding On For Life
  12. Is toaster digital or have circuit board(s) ?
  13. 5 week wait on refrigerator last October for us. Wanted non-digital thermostat but that wasn’t option with style/amenities she desired. After friend had issues with new Whirlpool washing machine, he purchased a Speed Queen. Our next appliance purchase will be “bare-bones” commercial Maytag or Speed Queen washer/dryer without digital controls. Cost reduction or designed obsolescence or both?
  14. Yes, Rockers, Rollers or Rock n' Rollers- perfect! And throw in Little Richard as team mascot- hell ya!!
  15. "Stepping Stone": Monkeys VS Pistols
  16. Rage Against The Machine - White Riot (Live in London 2010)
  17. Maybe a permanent solution to a temporary problem ? Heard you were a good dancer. Check out these chicks in video below:
  18. “Opportunity zones” where investors receive tax breaks. Had a “Little Bro” who lived in inner city. He got out, works for FedEx now. Song reminds me of him.
  19. Lou Rawls disagrees and rice helped shape the US south. 😉
  20. Mongo or Mongo ? Hint: Bongo
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