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  1. I'm with you, brother. Done way too much electrical work for a living to do anything but chuckle at some of the stuff I see in audio.
  2. Definitely not. Let the amplifier itself handle all the tonality!
  3. Although the very first sample ain't too shabby either, maybe just a tad too dark.
  4. The only time I've ever heard a capacitor was when it went snap, crackle, pop. Usually they all sound the same otherwise. Or am I missing something?
  5. I would lay them on their back, in the box or a couple layers of cardboard wrapped up the sides/top/bottom and taped, tie a rope around it and sit at the top and pull them right up. If needed, rig a pulley at the top, use a prussic hitch between the two rope runs either side of the pulley to catch a slip, and get below to both pull and push. But I've done a lot of tree climbing and rigging. If I had to do it alone.
  6. Of the last 4 samples either the 2nd or 4th, in that order. Those rosewood boxes are too pretty!
  7. I think that whoever starts a thread ought to be the moderator thereof.
  8. The only Sony products I ever thought were great were their Trinitron picture tubes. It seems their products have a short lifespan as well. How'd they get to be such a big player?
  9. With a mono signal, does the sound emanate equally everywhere (seemingly) or is there a hole in the middle? If there's still a hole, then trying to fill it by closing down the channel separation via mixing ain't the answer.
  10. Take it right to the extreme (1L+1R to both L and R) and see if it provides a uniform soundstage. If it does so under that condition then you'll know your mixing is doing what you want to get done as opposed to just making it sound different.
  11. Do they use anything as a mold release agent when pressing disks, and if so, do they wash it off before applying the label? Just wondering if even a brand-new LP would benefit from a thorough cleaning. It's been decades since I've spun one and don't recall what if anything I did prior to a "first play."
  12. Some form of documentation must exist that at least some of these ($10k) tests were performed. I recall mention of an AES get-together which had to have at least note taking done. Also, it seems there was mention of the test travelling as opposed to the participants only doing so. And be they horns, headphones, or whatever, participants assuredly had prior experience developing amplification preferences through them... Just saying.
  13. Appears to be mixing in a little of the other input channel (each way?), closing down the spread.
  14. Because it imparts the tonal characteristics he'd use if he used tone controls?
  15. I think that clip is fake because her arm would've deflected at least to her left and probably she'd've gotten a fist in the face. She's still hot, though.
  16. I'm pretty sure I got one with my Forte IIIs, in one of the folders...
  17. I'm sure you'll be able to find some Internet references to support your position!
  18. About the same impact as an open port, except no chuffing?
  19. We did a following 5 only rounds up an odd number, thus with two-decimal figures you don't end up with 1.01 when adding 3/8 to 5/8.
  20. Yep. And depending on the frequency, we can use them to energize voice coils directly, transport information (near or far, with wires or without), or see them reflected off objects in our environment. I'm glad we got 'em! They're pretty useful little buggers.
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