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  1. Let me know if you're ever around STL
  2. I had a freya bite the dust, If you decide to just sell the preamp seperatly down the road let me know.
  3. jackrcox


    Is there a price on this?
  4. Hello All, Testing the waters on this, but I was debating on letting go my set of Brooks/Capehart 414n Amplifiers that have been restored by Precision Audio Labs. The clarity on these is absolutely stunning and they sound fantastic with my pair of LaScalas and put out a measured 24 watts @ 3% Thd, 10 watts @ 1.2% Thd, and 5 watts @ .79%. They have been ever so slightly modified to add a power switch on the back, a detachable power cable, RCA inputs, and an LED light signifying warmup; all things that I felt greatly helped usability compared to stock without detracting from their historical design. I currently have far too many amps and while this was a pet project of mine, I feel like I need to thin down the number I have and I was hoping someone would see an interest in these. As far as a price, I have nothing set in stone yet as assigning a value for these is all over the place. Given their nature, I would prefer pickup in St. Louis if at all possible. Feel free to DM me an offer or shoot me any questions you may have. Thanks, Jack
  5. I was just thinking that I needed another Tube box for a new setup I am doing. That said, if another turntable showed up with it I would have hell-to-pay. Good luck with your sale.
  6. Hello All, Lately I have been listening to a large quantity of old cassette tapes and using a few different portable players when I am on the go. My issue is that the tape players I own are not of the best quality and I am reluctant to put little, if any, money in refurbishing them due to their overall desirability(Topaz, GE, other off brands) and low ceiling of quality. I was wanting to see if anyone had a decent player such as a walkman DD or of similar quality that I could purchase and have refurbished locally if necessary? Thanks, Jack
  7. Hello All, I was curious to see if anyone had heard from or received anything back from Craig in the last few months. I talked to him last year and then reached out to him a few months ago and didn't get a response. I just wanted to make sure everything was going ok on his end. Thanks, Jack
  8. I've seen KLF 30s go for 500-800 only a few years ago but those times are becoming a thing of the past. I think we have to face that our days of finding higher series Klipsch at a reasonable prices is going by the wayside. People are simply paying more for heritage, CF, and legend models due to the new Klipsch pricing trickling down. Cornwalls are now regularly going for 1200, Heresys for 600, LaScalas 2k+. Occasionally you get the occasional deal, but its becoming much harder to find. I would say if you can get them under 800 its a good deal. Ive seen 2 sets go for 1200 each lately in STL.
  9. I have a 299c, 233, 272, and a lk 150 that has been up at NOS to be worked on since August 2019. As soon as he gets them done, hopefully soon, I would be willing to part with either the 299c or the 233. I will let you know when that happens.
  10. I know this guy and he has some great stuff. I've bought some Scott, Brooks and Ampex equipment off of him and its usually a real treat when he posts.
  11. Does this have an additional output? I have seen these before with more than one line out and assuming it does I may be interested.
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