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    5.2 Denon 6500 Monlith Amp 7 x 200 RF-7 III , RC 64 III , RS 502

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  1. I am looking at one which does not have the Phono. Its a 500.00 upgrade. The seller wants 1600.00 which I think is a little steep. Might try to get him down some and upgarde the Caps and resistors and have phono stage installed. Also what makes your different than the standard SPL-98P
  2. Anyone have any experience with the Cary SLP-98L.Looking at pairing with Will Vincent ST-70.
  3. Look nice,, I found the SP-08 thru SP-14 also. Was thinking Schiit Fredia + before..
  4. will check it out you talking about the SP14?
  5. Pulled the trigger on the ST-70 and will start looking fro a premp so I can run my DAC through. Any suggestions?
  6. Building the Cornscala and looking at the St-70 by Will Vincent. Anyone have any input on these units. Also is there anything that can be shared with him that would be benificial to him putting one together for me. Speaker cornscala, room 20 x 24 and I/m classic rock type guy listing levels 80db or so .Also suggestion on preamps new or used no phono just cd and DAC
  7. Looking at putting the parts together for Corscala's. So far I have Daves MAHL ver 2 Horns with DE 120. a pair of KAPPALITE 3015LF-4 and ordered crossovers from ALk. My question is to seal the base bin as some have done or continue down the more common path. I thought I could build them so I could remove a section of 3/4 Birch ply separating the the upper section and the lower section and see what works best. If I liked the sealed bass bin I could glue it perminently in place and done/
  8. Been looking for amp pre amp for a new Cornscalia build I'm doing are these still available?
  9. Looking at the Parasound 2125v2 150 Watt Stereo Power Amplifier to pasir with a new build Cornscala and wanted opions on the choice.
  10. + 1.. Have my orginal pair of RF-7 and just bought another pair of RF-7 III and plan on keeping both. I would go for the 7's..
  11. Running 7.2.4 thru Denon 6500 and using the Monolith 7 x 200. very happy
  12. Looking at tubes4hifi ST120 complete @ 1600.00.Anyone can comment who has their amp.
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