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  1. My brother and I have both called and messaged the phone numbers. No response. Probably a scam.
  2. Congrats!!! I love it when a fellow board member scores.
  3. Really not a bad price. I've repaired much worse!
  4. That's interesting. Maybe they're moving to Phoenix? They live in my city. Maybe I'll pop over and get the story.
  5. Heritage Kipsch. Klipschorn, Chor… | Electronics | ksl.com (not my ad) 1990 Klipschorn -- $4200 1992 Chorus II -- These are the desirable ones with 15" on back side -- $1500 These are in walnut with black cloth, and in exceptional condition for their age. 1986 Cornwall II -- New Crites crossover with Titanium tweeters were installed recently. The change is astounding. The sound rivals the mightly Khorn -- $1500 1998 KLF 30 -- If you like bass, these have it! Dual 12" woofers in each cabinet. Relatively few of these were made and therefore they can be very hard to find. $900 KLF 10 -- cabinets are in fair condition. For $400, you can't go wrong. VERY strong bass from dual 10". Titanium driver installed recently. KLF 20 -- All original in good condition. $700
  6. I've refinished a few different pairs of speakers. Heresy BR's that were painted grey, a mismatched pair of H1's (Fir Black and Oak) that had thick gooey black industrial paint. And pair of Oak Cornwall II's that were in super sad shape with huge gashes, burn marks and rings on top. I like black lacquer so I've gone black with all of them except a pair of HBR's that I lightly sanded and used Watco oil on.
  7. Great idea on pre-fold and heat gun! I've got new grill frames and fabric (from Crites) cut and ready to go. The fabric is quite rigid so was wondering what to do. Thanks!
  8. Look to be in great shape with stands and other things. Started out at $1200, now down to $575. https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m85345155858/
  9. Seems like I've seen this blonde colored woofer in 1970's Heresy's? Is this original? Just sun fade?
  10. Klipsch Cornwall IV in American Walnut PAIR - electronics - by owner... (craigslist.org)
  11. Can't go wrong with those! Have you hooked them up yet?
  12. Please post pics of the process! I'm going to be doing the same project. I'll be curious to see how you choose to do the cabinets. Good luck!
  13. That would be like buying that new Ferrari and pulling the motor trying to find 3 more horsepower. IMO; Spend a considerable amount of time with them before trying to improve them. Try a few different amp setups and room treatments.
  14. His valuation for his CW's is WAY high. Cornwall in WV for only $1200. Vintage Klipsch Cornwall Speakers - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org) BTW; the CR2020 for $700 is an absolute steal. I'd grab that and wait on some Cornwalls at a reasonable price. Take a look at these. Says "must sell". Maybe you can get them to $1800 (if they're decent condition). Klipsch speakers original Cornwalls - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org)
  15. Gorgeous looking pair of CW. Comes with a Denon amp. 2 - Klipsch Speakers and reciever | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  16. At auction. Ends today (3/8/22)! 2 Tall Klipsch Forte II Speakers | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  17. Not my Ad. Price is insanely good if this is what you're looking for. He has 3 of them. Klipsch KPT 904 LF Floor Sp… | Musical Instruments | ksl.com
  18. Great descriptions of the differences! Makes so much sense when you all describe the nuance of each speaker and I really appreciate that. I learn something new everytime I log on to the site!
  19. Living Room: KG 2.5 driven by Kenwood KR3090 Bedroom: Klipsch The 3ii - Snap On Edition Wife's workspace: Altec Lansing 83 driven by Kenwood KA 3500 w/KT 5500 tuner Garage: Namco NSW 550 driven by Yamaha VSX D-411 Office/Listening room: Cornwall II driven by Harman Kardon HK870, HK825, HK TU610. And Heresy H1 driven by HK 330b Daughter's apartment: KEF C40 driven by HK 330a
  20. Yes! K-43 woofers with K-58 drivers.
  21. I'm starting to question myself on where I was heading. If I use the original motorboards and build a box around them I may not have enough cabinet volume to handle those 15" woofers? My Cornwall II are about 6.35 sq ft volume. Depending on how deep I go, the cabs I was thinking of building would only be 3.84 ft sq. Hmmm
  22. I think they duplicated the serial number pic. You can see two speakers stacked.
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