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  1. Ok, popped one open. No surprises, i think, nice and clean.
  2. While i´m not ready to start on the Heresies yet ( A new hifi-rack for my stuff needs building first.), i would like to take a peek inside the cabinets. My question is, are the backs of the cabinets seald with a gasket that i would have to re-new later on?
  3. That depends - soundwise, it could be as simple as just re-capping the crossovers to make them sound better again. The problem with restoring them 100%, at least for me, would be, i probably wouldn´t want to part with them. after having spent that much time and energy... For You, the better you can make them, the higher the price can be, You ask for them.
  4. So i see, you have gold lined speakers in the US too.
  5. @joshnich what do You think about the PLX-1000s "little brother", the PLX-500?
  6. That looks very interesting. Maybe, by the time i can buy a TT they will have a powersupply ready for european countries.
  7. For the RP600M the RP600C would probably be best. Tweeters and Woofers are same size, so the audio-footprint is about the same too and should give You a more homogeneous listening experience. Would You have the chance to listen to a system before you buy?
  8. Sale offer KG 5.5 on German Ebay: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/klipsch-lautsprecher-modell-kg-5-5-mit-original-verpackung/1529106775-172-4907 Says in very good condition plus original boxing. Just crazy, but vintage Klipsch are rare here, sadly, and these aren´t even Epics or Legends. Don´t want to know what those would cost... 😓
  9. For starters have a look at these links: Reference: https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-manuals/Reference-Speakers-2018-Manual-v02.pdf And Reference Premiere: https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-manuals/Reference-Premiere-Speakers-Manual-v03.pdf The manuals show You each series, i think if You want the bookshelves of each class, the small centers should be sufficient for You. Hope this helps for a start.
  10. Welcome to the forum. What speakers do You own or wich do you want to buy?
  11. While i can give no answers in detail, there are others on this forum with more experience on that, i think it would help a lot to see some pictures of what You got. That way one can give better advice to You. Good luck with Your project!
  12. Zuerst, mein herzliches Beileid zu Ihrem Verlust. The 1.5s have four holes on their bottoms for mounting on a "omnimount" wall-mounting-system. I want to fasten my speakers with two bolts to my risers, using those holes. German M6 can only be screwed in with the tip. There is a difference between metric and imperial threads. I searched a few local DIY markets, but up till now came up blank... Have You encountered this problem before?
  13. Thanks @MicroMara I was lucky, got help from this forum as well as from my colleague at work, who is a carpenter. Hope to put everything to good use with my Heresies. @MicroMara , do You have any idea where to get bolts that would fit the omnimounts of the KGs? Thanks!
  14. Apart from doing the other riser, i´ve got to fing the right bolts that will fit the mounts on the bottom of the KGs. This could be a challenge, since they are non-metric. I have to see if any local DIY-market carries bolts that i could use...
  15. First piece finally done.
  16. Don´t know if this is still relevant, i can confirm, reached 50 post today, went to being a "advanced member" and can now see & edit my signature.
  17. I use RS3s in my setup, You won´t be dissapointed.
  18. This may sound stupid, but You can also perform what is known as the "sub-woofer-crawl". You place the sub on Your sofa ect. and "crawl" around the room, on your knees. The spot where the sound is best, is the place the sub should go to.
  19. Welcome to the Forum Chris. Those are great speakers, thought about keeping them for yourself? There is a section called "Garage Sale" for stuff like this, maybe the Moderators can move Your post? Also, it would be great if You posted some pictures of the speakers and of the Klipsch label on the back of each speaker. That way folks more knowledgeable than me can advise You on prices. Good luck!
  20. This is one BIG supporter of going to Mars, Robert Zubrin:
  21. Hello Alain, Welcome to this forum. While i don´t have a direct answer for Your question, did You see this post? Maybe You´ll get some answers here or can still contact the original poster. Good luck!!
  22. I still got one as well, should turn it on more often. We might run into a problem here in old Europe, as production of classic lightbulbs has been stopped by EU law a feww years back. Every no and then i think to myself, i should put away some spares, before they run out of stock in Germany. What´s the situation in the States/ Canada?
  23. I feel with You, these might be good speakers, but then they are quite a drive away. Had the same thing with a receiver i was interested in lately.
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