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  1. Forte III to Cornwall IV I was lucky to get a trade in offer for full price on what I paid for the Forte III to upgrade to the Cornwall IV. It was a no brainer deal, so I had to take it up. Those that say the Cornwall is like a Forte on steroids aren’t wrong. They deliver a bigger presentation more effortlessly. The word I keep coming back to with the Cornwall is delicacy. Slightly ironic given the sheer size of these speakers. They are massive. But as large as they are, the craftsmanship is impeccable. The shift to a polymide compression driver in the midrange is immediately noticeable; the scale of the larger mid horn is perfectly complimented by the silky smoothness of that driver. Vocals and instruments are effortlessly natural, presented on a wide and deep soundstage. Imaging is tighter, particularly noticeable on good recordings. Bass is a bit different with the Cornwall. It’s bigger, cleaner and deeper, but initially feels weaker than the Forte. That might be due to the rear passive on the Forte creating extra bass reinforcement, or possibly the tuning with the passive or the prior crossover design creating a mid bass bump. However, the Cornwall feels more balanced overall and the bass feels more natural. Drums are ethereal. For double the price I paid for the Forte (it’s now priced higher), the upgrade was absolutely worth it. The music is bigger, more natural and lifelike, and more detailed. It’s more delicate and warmer, more nuanced. Gear: Cornwall IV PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated Gold Lion KT88 Gold Lion 12AU7 Cambridge Audio CXN v2 Project 2Xpression Benz-Micro Ace SL Project TubeBox SE II
  2. Hi there, this is my first post here! I've recently purchased a Line Magnetic Push-Pull LM34 Integrated amp to go with my Garrard 401 TT and Klipsch Forte III speakers, I feel like the amp too harsh with my speakers, very hot trumpety high-mids, and lack of bass, oomph and flow in the music. I'm starting to get more and more interested in old horn + SET systems, and thought maybe it isn't a bad idea to build a SET amp myself. I don't have experience in electronics etc, but I'm willing to learn, I am based in the UK. I heard great things about Bottlehead, and it seems like their prices are really fair. - Does anybody here have Bottlehead + Klipsch experience ? - Which of the Bottlehead kits would you recommend that I buy? - Do you think a SET Bottlehead kit would make a good match to get some gentleness and musicality out of my very sensitive Klipsch?
  3. I follow this auction site and saw these listed as "New In Box". Auction starts Friday, May 14th. Can't tell for sure what they are but look to be Forte (1,2,??) Photo 296 of 422 | V Patton Estates Homossasa Old Trilby Rd. Harley, Snap on, Thomasville plus! | EstateSales.org V Patton Estates Homossasa Old Trilby.. | Brooksville, FL 34602 | EstateSales.org
  4. I have a pair of Forte speakers in excellent condition. Bought them with a house back in 1995. I believe they are oiled oak but I'm not sure. I plan on selling them and I'm trying to get a sense for what they are worth. Check out the photo and if you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it (I have more photos but can't attach because of forum's file size limitations). Thanks.
  5. Hello all, My wife and are going to be finishing our basement this upcoming summer. This basement will be a den that will have a projector that will be used to watch movies, sports, etc.... That being said, I will take the speakers that I have at the moment, Monitor Audio Bronze 5, and send them downstairs to be used as part of a surround sound system. IF they had been adequate, I would have like to keep the upstairs because the fit in the décor really well. However, sonically, these speakers just cant give me what I'm looking for. I find that that are very detailed and like the sound signature, but they just can't fill the room and keep their composure. Put the volume up a little higher to to moderate levels to feel the bass and everything becomes muddied. So why not get new speakers for the living room. It measures 18.5'L x 16'W x 20'H (cathedral ceiling). The living room is open to the kitchen and the speakers will be placed to the side of the fireplace. I attached a picture so you guys could really see what I am working with. Things that brought me to the Klipsch Forte.... Great Sound (according to reviews, I have not been able to listen to them) Beauty Made in NA (I'm from Canada and as much as possible try to buy things made in Canada and USA, I hate Chinese throw away CRAP) Size factor is within wife's tolerance Low sensitivity and easy to match with I would like for the purchase of my next pair of speakers to be ''end game'' speakers that I do not have to replace until I have too much money I don't know what to do with (which will never happen anyway hahaha). So am asking people that have experience with either the forte 3 or 4 how do they believe the bass response will be in my living room area. I have heard / read some comments that distance from the walls is important for the Forte's and in my case, there will be no wall behind them. Will the bass be anemic in the setup? I am not a basshead, but I would like to ''feel'' just a little bit of bass drum when I listen to rock. ROCK ON!
  6. Picked these up unexpectedly the other day. I went to buy an Klipsch SW12 to refinish and came home with the SW12 and a pair of Forte's that the owner had stored in the basement. Bonus. They need to be refinished, but the drivers were in excellent condition with no pushed in dust-caps! My basic plan: 1)I just sanded the cabinets. Now, to refinish the cabinets. Still deciding what finish to go with? Thoughts? (Anything but painted black!!!) I've done a dark cinnamon on CF-3's, KG 3.5's and KG 4.2's and a nice modern gray on a pair of KG 3's and a SW10. 2)Rebuild/refurbish the risers (Chunks of the veneer are gone) If I'm feeling spunky: Ad a little front to back bracing near the woofer If I want to throw money at a 3 decade old speaker set: New tweeter diaphragms Any thoughts?
  7. Hello, this my maiden voyage here, thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of a recapped/serviced Scott Stereomaster 222d. I inherited it from a dear friend and have yet to hear it in action. I’ve owned my Fortes since they were fresh off the line in ‘87. I am hoping this is a good combo. Do any of you have any experience with these two? I’ll be feeding them from a Denon DP 67L. One last question? Are the fortes 4 or 8 ohms? It seems like I’ve seen both answers. Thanks in advance for your input. l
  8. Hello! I am trying to decide between buying a pair of klipsch forte 2 that the seller says have "recapped crossovers and updated tweeter diaphragms" for $800 or a pair of rogers studio 1s for $700 they both appear to be in fantastic condition littles scrapes but other than that they look great. Has anyone heard both speakers to help me decide?
  9. I live in Amsterdam, NL, and looking for terminals for the forte. Any idea where I can find these or parts thereof? the speakers were placed to close to the wall and the connectors broke . I have tried the official Klipsch rep here in the Netherlands but no response whatsoever.
  10. (Please be patient as I'm visually impaired. If you point to any information it would be helpful to provide clear links and description of what I'm looking at so I can follow. Thanks.) I bought a pair of Forte II used and was told they have both the Citrix crossover and titanium tweeter according to the seller. That is the extent of my knowledge on them. I can hear they are probably working soundly during two states, blasting loudly or when I crank the treble down and max out the bass on my amps. This leads me to believe they are mechanically sound, but possibly misconfigured. I don't think they could intentionally be this bright, they loose all boogie and become treble cannons at regular volumes. They appear to be functioning soundly, but they don't seem to register much on the low end except in these two circumstances. I've done lot of failed searches to try to understand these crossovers but that's tricky with my visual impairment. Can anyone tell me if there is a straight forward way of adjusting these crossovers with pins to redistribute some of the power to the low end? I know some replacement crossovers you can just change some terminals. I gathered the former owner had a high frequency hearing loss and I'm no longer in touch with him, but I wondered if he had them configured bright without knowing it, he also said he played them pretty loud which seems to masks the problem. Note that I am getting the same results off a variety of amps with various power levels ranging from 20wpc tube monoblocks to 55wpc RMS NAD receivers. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks (a few photos post wood restoration and new grills I made. In the end I manged to clean up the original very well too. So I have to sets now.)
  11. I have an excellent pair of Forte I's that have been upgraded with Bob Crites crossovers and diaphragms. Original parts included. I bought these just before I found a pair of Cornwall's. So they have been used very little. I am the second owner. Unfortunately the original owner removed the serial number tags. $750. I also am selling a beautiful Mcintosh MC7200. Serviced about 3 years ago (1 bulb changed and re-biased). It comes with a beautiful condition Mac wood cabinet. $2000. Lasting I'm selling a excellent condition Mcintosh CV34V pre-amp. $1100. It also comes with a beautiful wood cabinet. Mcintosh boxes and owners manuals included. If you aren't interested in the wood cabinets on either piece I'll knock off $100. I'm located in Waukesha, WI. Local pickup. Cash only. Sorry, no trades. Oh yea, I have a pair of custom made speaker stands for Klipsch KG4's that I'll include for free if interested.
  12. Big hello to all you KlipschManiacs out there, I've finally gotten my main 2 Channel system narrowed down and ready to really dial in. Currently the main system consists of Forte II's backed up with two REL T3 subwoofers to tackle and tighten the bottom end. They are driven by a Pass Aleph 30 (30 WPC) solid state amplifier connected with Soniquil speaker cables by Raven Audio and a Soniquil power cable to the amplifier section (plug #6) of an Audioquest Powerquest 2. For volume and switching duties I'm running a Classe' Audio Four Preamplifier to feed the Pass amp connected by Mogami Gold XLR's, connected to the Powerquest with a Cardas Cross power cable. For source components i have a Thorens TD 209, using Audioquest Evergreen RCA's (planning to upgrade) and Audioquest Saturn Ground Goody's, to connect to a Parks Audio Puffin, in turn connected to the preamp with Audioquest Evergreen RCA's (another soon to be upgraded interconnect). The Thorens is provided power by the powerquest and the Puffin is fed power by Furman Equipment For a CD/SACD source i'm awaiting an OPPO BDP-93 from another forum member (I'M STOKED, as i missed out on the Oppo offerings of the last 10-15 years). And finally, to the main point of this post, for a streaming source I utilize an Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Reciever/DAC connected to the preamp with Morrow Audio MA2 RCA Interconnects plugged into Furman gear for EMI/RFI filtration and clean power. The resolution and quality that the Audioengine gives me from Amazon Music HD and Ultra HD is nothing short of incredible. If you are not using a lossless audio provider for streaming music, like Amazon HD or Tidal, even for a mid-fi set up like mine you are doing yourself a great disservice. The quality is jaw dropping compared to streaming using any regular service. To that end I would like to know what streaming recievers and DACS you guys have experience with, and if there are any truly HIFI audiophile bluetooth receivers that are decently priced, (not looking to spend 1500$ 10,000$ 280,000$ like some audiophile gear can be) so looking in the 50$-800$ range. Also maybe a separate DAC that could take my AE B1 to the next level? Does anyone have any experience with the IFI Zen Blue? What about the Bludento BLT-HD? Is there an obvious unit that everyone here already uses and I'm just late to the party and need to be "enlightened"? Being able to pull from such a massive library like amazon music is an incredible convenience and while it won't replace my buying/collecting vinyl and cd's it is quite the way to demo music and access music with ease. Welcome to the 21st Century audiophiles! Also any thoughts/upgrade advice/suggestions on my system set up would be nice. My secondary system is Klipsch KLF-30's on a Yaqin MC13S (40WPC tube integrated) that i am currently gathering source components for. Thanks Guys! Rooster-
  13. Pair of Klipsch Fortes for sale in excellent condition, like new. The two Forte speakers look great and sound amazing. I am only selling them because we are moving and downsizing. They are located in my home in Montclair, Virginia 22025. First $500 takes them away. They are hooked up so you can listen to them before buying.
  14. I want to recap for Klipsch Forte. There are the original Forte's (not Forte II's). Please let me know the cap values
  15. First questions. Has anyone ever tried removing the passive radiators and sealing the back of Forte II's? Second question. Should I buy ALK Engineering Crossovers or Bob Crites Crossovers for my Forte II's?
  16. If you're thinking about selling your Fortes 1 or 2s or possibly the Chorus, msg me with pricing. Thanks! I have mint KG4s I'm looking to upgrade/sell or trade in after I find the Fortes.
  17. So I recently upgraded my Klipsch RP-150M bookshelf speakers that I had for about 3 years to the Forte III’s in my audio setup a few days ago. Wow...all I have to say, biggest improvement I have seen so far! I have been experimenting with placement, currently have them about 12-13inches from the back wall in my apt., slight toe-in and 6-7 feet apart. They are about 13 feet from main listening position. Sounding pretty good but does anyone have any recommendations for me to improve the sound more? Also I have heard that these speakers need time to break in to sound their best, is this true? Any and all comments are appreciated!👍🏻 - Matt
  18. Original Klipsch Forte speakers. Conservatively rated 8/10. Consecutive serial numbers. They look great and sound fantastic. Grills are in perfect shape with original badges. Look at the pics and ask questions. They are ready to be hooked up and enjoyed. No trades and Not willing to ship. I need to sell these so make an offer!
  19. No afiliation with the sale. If you are in driving distance to Windsor Ontario, these seem to be quite a deal at $500 Canadian. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-speakers/windsor-area-on/klipsch-forte-2-hardly-used-very-good-condition/1398224965?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  20. So is it possible to have Klipsch make a Heresy III that will match my Forte III in distressed oak and lambswool cloth for my center channel??
  21. Started getting into vintage Klipsch when I finally realized what the huge corner speakers, in my grandfather's house, were that I remember from being a kid. I currently have a pair of Walnut Forte II, Crites rebuilds, and a pair of Quartets. Currently I'm using the Fortes as R/L with one of the Quartets as a center. I'm looking for another pair of each and willing to drive roughly 4 hours. I've also heard there is someone who keeps a running price guide. Any introductions would be appreciated. Hoping to make it to the Pilgrimage next year.
  22. Title says it all. Take a look. Pricing as follows. Forte II - 500 (sold) Quartet- 500 (sold) 3 Academy-600 All the grills are mint and original. Forte's and Quartets are Mint Mint. Acadamy's vary in condition, price is for ALL 3.
  23. I’ve had this pair of Quartets for a little over two years. They were my first legitimate speaker. Needless to say I was eager to get the most out of them and after replacing the tweeters with the crites titanium tweeters and installing new capacitors in the crossovers, these have served me well! My wife and I moved into a smaller home so these need to find a new home. The cabinets are in good shape, I haven’t done anything to the veneer. There’s one noticeable scratch on top of one cab that was there at the time of purchase. Grill cloths have some slight discoloration on them. Badges are tight and snug. A good warm bath would loosen whatever set into the grills. There is only one factory label left left on the rear of the cab. $525 and they’re yours. These reside in Edmond/Oklahoma City. Id prefer not to ship these. Local pickup only. If it’s not too far we could potentially meet halfway. They are listed on craigslist and Facebook marketplace as well.
  24. WALNUT FINISH, $599 {SERIAL #'S : 8616385, 8616386...} I'm probably going to hate myself in the future for doing this, but seeing as I've had my Klipsch Forte speakers boxed up for the last 14 years, (much longer then i used them), so i think it's time to sell them to someone who will appreciate them once again... I've seen quite a few sets of these for sale over the years, but never in the condition of the ones that i have... I always wonder why many of the speakers I've seen have rusty screws, along with beat up cabinets and pushed in woofers or passive radiators.. I have taken really good care of these ! I don't have children, so no little bundles of joy have poked their sticky little fingers where they don't belong ! lol ...and i don't smoke cigarettes so they won't smell nasty either... Seeing as i lived next to the Commissioner of Public Safety in my town, i have to say that i babied them, lol.. Then i moved to a smaller house with even closer neighbors, so i left them in storage (at my parents house) ..... Did i mention that they are in the original boxes ?!!! So if you've been waiting to find a really good pair, and live within driving range of the Jersey shore, this is your chance.. An hour and a half from Philly, and an hour from N.Y.C., (assuming light traffic...) Exit 109 on the parkway, near Red Bank..... I'll miss them, i'm sure, but i do still have Klipsch bookshelf speakers, sound bar with sub for tv, and speakers with sub for computer, so i'm still pretty well equipped.. 🐵 i just edited all my pictures so that they are under 2MB only to find out that 2MB is the total size allowed..lol.. lots more pics available..just ask !!!
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