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  1. Ok, so I'm scratching my head a bit about what to do. I'm loving my Heresy II's but i'm lusting for just a bit more bass. I don't necessarily require 20Hz deep bass (although I wouldn't mind it either) I'm considering either building a Tangent 400 size ported cabinet with some proper internal bracing and eventually upgrading the mid and tweeter diaphragms with titanium ones from Crites and Klipsch. or build a set of Crites 1.5T speakers or just wait until a pair of Forte II come along. What I'm wondering is, is whether the Tangent 400 cabinet is the ideal size for the K-24 woofer and whether the bass ports and woofer are on the ideal hight. I wonder, because I've read is that for the CWIII, they moved the woofer up a bit higher and that resulted in less of a dip in the spectrum. Does anyone have any experience building Tangent 400-like cabinets for the HII?
  2. One pair B&K Sound/Crites CT120(b&c de120 driver)tweeters as new. Perfect condition, no flaws. Maybe 20 hours of light use tops. Purchased from Mr. Crites new on 07/29/2016. Used until I could make mounting brackets for my JBL 2404's. That task is now complete. I do not think I have to tell anyone this but these are VERY nice tweeters. $175.00 + $14.00 USPS 2-Day Priority Shipping in US. Payment via PayPal. Please PM me. Thank you for looking.
  3. Whilst perusing the Bay for a center speaker to go with my CF-4 fronts (the prime candidates are the KV-4 and KLF-C7), I happened across this interesting item. Apparently, in addition to upgrading to a Crites crossover, someone replaced this Academy's stock front baffle to one that mounts the tweeter horn horizontally for wider dispersion. Personally, the horn should've been oriented that way, to begin with, but whatever. Probably not as much of an issue for the larger-horned ones I'm going after. I guess the mods warrant the high price. Not a bad look, either. Local pick-up in the Toledo, OH, area only. Definitely don't have the time or money to drive all the way out there. http://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-CENTER-SPEAKER-ACADEMY-WITH-UP-GRADES-/152479801327?hash=item2380811fef:g:b~AAAOSwzgBY0Hq
  4. The ordering process was painless and the package even got here a day early. I am hoping to add the new crossovers tomorrow after my 5 year-old goes to preschool -- as any parent will tell you, tinkering with stereos with a 5-year old at home is a recipe for disaster, especially if you live in an apartment. My speakers sound amazing as is -- I'm presently listening to Paul Desmond's Glad to be Unhappy as we speak and it's like a massage for your ears. I'm waiting to hear what they will sound like with refreshed crossovers and will keep everybody posted. (I also got the titanium tweeters and am planning to put them in next. I first wanted to make sure the crossover upgrade wasn't beyond my limited capabilities before tampering with fragile diaphragms. This may seem overly cautious until you've seen some of my previous misadventures in electronics).
  5. I love my Forte Is but I suspect I would love them even more if I refreshed their crossover. I know Bob Crites' crossovers are a refresh of the original Klipsch design, while ALK's crossovers are a product of his own vision: I've also heard good things about both. Could any of our gentle readers compare and contrast the Crites and ALK crossovers in action? (And in case I've accidentally asked a "Do Balrogs Have Wings?" question, I really am not trying to start a flame war or cast aspersions on either. I am just curious as to the differences between the two and how their differing approaches effect the sound).
  6. Built by Mr. Crites. I unscrewed the components and pulled them off the board as one. Veneered the stock Cedar boards in Tigerwood, lacquered them and screwed everything back on. Wanted to match the wood to a La Scala project I was working on. Replaced the tweeter cap with the new Jantzen Alumen Z-CAP made for tweeters and mids in passive networks. See the website if you like. The boards don't make them sound any better of course but they look nice and are unique. The Jantzen caps were $75.00 for the pair. They are new with very few hours on them but have made a nice change in the high end. The A/4500's are $230.00 a pair new. I will leave in the Jantzen caps and toss in the Sonicaps it came with. $180.00 including shipping and PayPal fees.
  7. Selling my favorite speakers I've ever owned. Space constraints force sale, and they are not being used right now so they should go to a fellow enthusiast who would appreciate them. Never overdriven (only used with an AVR247 receiver). I've attached a writeup of the crossover rebuild by the previous owner, who is a member of this forum. Features Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms Jantzen biamp/biwire crossovers with Crites autotransformers Jantzen internal wiring Dampened driver baskets and horns Plexiglass binding post plates with biamp/biwire option New driver gaskets and cabinet sealing Condition 8/10, some minor chipping/scuffing along base but pretty good for 20+ year old floor standing speakers. Price $600 OBO (but please don't lowball) Shipping I can arrange shipping within the continental US for $200. If they don't sell in 2 weeks they're going on ebay. merged.pdf
  8. I have inherited a pair of Legend KLF-30s but one of them is barely putting out any sound and it seems to be just from the tweeter. I confirmed it has a good sound signal from the receiver by switching speaker wires around plus I looked inside the enclosure by removing the crossover assembly and do not see any loose wires. They have been in climate controlled storage for 3 years and have been moved only once or twice after initial installation so I don't think it got dropped so as to dislodge a connection but something is broken. I see Crites offers a cross-over repair kit for $80 as well as replacement crossovers for $280 a pair. Is that a good way to go? I am not going to keep them as they are just too big for our place so if I can just solder on a new capacitor from a Crites repair kit that would be fine with me but that seems too simple to be true. I am no technician so I guess I need a repair guy in Houston - anyone no of a good shop? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  9. I'm selling my Bob Crites Style C Cornscala high efficiency speakers. These are Klipsch Cornwall + LaScala hybrids, combining the best qualities of each speaker. They are incredibly efficient, operating at 102dB sensitivity. They're perfect with SET amps or any tube amp offering 2 or more watts. They have selenium drivers, and were finished by the previous owner. I have rated them at a 7 because there's a ~1.5" sliver of wood that chipped off the bottom front of one speaker. I still have the piece and it can easily be glued back on, I just never got around to it. SOLD Negotiating down from the listed price will result in none of the 3 extras being included. Speaker Details: http://www.critesspeakers.com/cornscala-style-c.html Not much activity here, but I have the same username on Audiogon and USAudioMart with years of all-positive feedback. Available for pickup only in zip code 87102.
  10. These were purchased some years back and were installed in an "experimental" Cornwall cab that used Forte horns. These have never been driven hard, and are in like new condition. I have no use for them. Buy my cabinets I've advertised and start yourself building a pair of Cornwalls. Bob carries these for $240/pair new + $25 shipping. I offer them here at $200/pair + $25 shipping - save $40 and get yourself some nice woofers at a discount. These are DUSTY - hence the "discoloration" on the left cone. I accept PayPal. Thank you! Chris .
  11. How or why I only have one of these is unknown - it's been that long! Bought for a project that never happened. I'm selling a pair of Cornwall cabs and Crites CW1526 woofers, this will help put you on the way to a set of Cornwalls if you are so inclined. Bob has them on his site for $160/pair plus $13 shipping. I offer the single one here for $75 SHIPPED. I accept PayPal. Thank you! Chris
  12. I posted some comments on networks on Deans "Crossover Roadshow" thread but I thought I'd put this in a separate thread along with a few other thoughts. I’d like to share my experience with different networks that I have tried on 1976 Lascalas and 1968 Cornwalls. I have used some of these with the stock horns but I first started looking into different networks due to my desire to attenuate the midrange after I started using wood horns. Before I start, I’d like to mention that so often people discuss their opinions of equipment and they never mention other details that could be important variables to consider such as WHAT music? How LOUD? What size/dimensions of room? I think you should answer some of these kinds of questions so we will understand more about your motivation and we can relate to your position. GOAL: Accurate reproduction of music but must be MUSICAL (adj. “having a pleasant sound”) to the point I forget the equipment and the room I am in and become immersed in music. DETAILS: Equipment used was a Scott 299b, VRD amps and a few different DACs including DacMagic, MHDT Havana, and Bel Canto. People often talk about their opinions about equipment and never mention what they listen to and how loud which I think is significant information. Music is mostly rock, jazz, blues, or classical. Mostly jazz these days but a lot of piano and guitar (acoustic and electric) as well. To keep the family happy I usually keep it around 70db or less but prefer 75db or more. My room is an odd shaped 19 x 16 with an offset vaulted ceiling that makes getting the soundstage straight difficult. NOTE: These are impressions I had over time while swapping around equipment to see what I liked. I don’t have test equipment although I have played some with Studio Six “Audio Tools” on the iPhone without a proper microphone. I was not very scientific in my approach. I did not usually perform any precision tests between different equipment where I only changed one variable to draw a comparison. Most often there were other things that had changed over time such as K-55v driver might have been replaced with a K-55m or I was using them with a Fastrac Lascala, Fastrac Cornwall, or an Eliptrac with a 2” driver. Perhaps the speakers had been moved. Most of the time these wood horns were sitting on top of the cabinet which could also be a significant variable given their location relative to the other drivers. I have since learned to keep a log book of everything I do or change. I suggest this highly… I don’t remember every step I took along the way but this will be a nice reference to remind me in the future.
  13. OK I am in a dilemma I am in the market for my next speakers, My system is all tube Primaluna Dialog Premiun HP amp with 8 KT 120 85w per channel, Primaluna Dialog Premiun Pre amp, Manley Steelhed Phono, VPI HRX Turntable with Shelter Harmony Cartidge. My current speakers are Silverline Audio Sonatina MK4, They sound Beautiful with vocals and jazz but suck big time with rock and pop. I want to move into something more appropriate for my system (tubes) that will perform great either with vocals as well as rock or pop. These are the 3 options I am considering: 1) Crites Cornscalas with ALK Extreme Slope Crossovers, B&C Drivers and Crites Woofer and and Eliptrac Horns, similar to the one built by . 2) BD Design Oris Horn with an 8" Fostex Full Range Driver and an Compact woofer Module with a 15 inch woofer. 3) BD Design Opheans M3 with BMS 4592 compression driver and an Compact woofer Module with a 15 inch woofer. Please tell me what model would you choose and why? Thanks in advanced for the help.
  14. Hi everyone! I have a pair of Klipsch Quartets with the Bob Crites upgrades and I'm working on placement with my SVS PB-2000. The room is 21ft x 11ft and the seating is about 13 feet back from the screen. Does anyone have any experience placing these? I've currently got them about 2 feet off the ground and placed in the corners. The SVS subs are placed just on the inside of the speakers and up against the walls. I'm not happy with the sub placement, and I feel like the distance from the speakers to the seating and the shape of the room has a significant effect on the sound stage. I'm wondering if I should take the speakers off the stands and move them up closer to the seating. That would allow me to move the subs directly into the corners and I think would impact the imaging on the mains. Any thoughts?
  15. I have the following for sale: 3 Faital HF140 drivers Brand new, never installed (one was mounted on a Faital horn for measuring only, and I will include the horn) SOLD 3 Bob Crites "A" crossovers for sale BNIB never installed SOLD 3 La Scala AA crossovers with Dayton Electrolytic caps One is completed and the other 2 only have some of the caps replaced $60 each or all 3 for $150 All of the used parts work fine, and were removed due to the mods I am currently doing. I will ship in the USA, but you will pay the paypal fees. tia, Ron
  16. Hello all, I'm pretty new to this forum, but have owned Klipsch for quite a while. I have two pairs of KG 5.5's that I would like to fully upgrade. I have already ordered the titanium tweeter diaphragms from Bob Crites, and they should arrive soon. I am also considering new crossovers, but will install the diaphragms first and see how they sound. Unfortunately (and I will freely admit) I am not the greatest DIY guy in the world. Ask me about computers and I'm all over it, but wiring and building is not my forte.... So, what I'm asking for is some advice and hopefully a point to an illustrated, step by step presentation of how to get into, improve, and button up these speakers. I've not even opened them yet, so I don't know what to expect....They have not been stressed at all, and are in quite pristine condition, but while I have a few bucks, I would like to upgrade them for the long haul... Some additional info: I'm going to be using these in a HT/music setup, so I will be purchasing a Yamaha Aventage receiver, as well as an Emotiva XPA-5 amp. Music tastes are classic rock, soul/funk, jazz, Pavarotti and others.... A few questions based on some reading I've done.... 1. Replace the crossovers with Crites? Highly recommended? 2. Shall I install some damping foam inside the cabinets? - How? 3. Do the cabinets need bracing? Is this necessary? 4. Anything else? Again, if someone could point me to a site where I could see some of this, and learn more, that would be awesome. Thanks so much for all of your help. Jim
  17. So after a year in the Klipsch family I made what I am considering an upgrade. I finally came across a pair of Cornwalls that were both, in really nice condition and at what I thought was a fair, perhaps even, a good deal. The only downside would be that they are II's from 86. From my understanding the build quality on the II's internal networks were a bit less than the I's. That said however thus far I am Really happy with them! I cant get over how well they image, with the right material they are halographic. I am currently running them with a adcom gfa 2535 at 60w per side and a emotiva umc-1. The room is a good size 15' x 21' speakers are placed on the short wall about 9' apart from center to center. listening position is at about 14'. Anyway I wanted to see if anyone had thoughts or opinions on a couple of things...... 1st) I am getting a slight buzz from the tweeters when the amp is on with no signal. Is this a dirty pot? Just what to expect with cornwalls? Cornwalls and ss amps? 2nd) I am planning to replace the crossovers any thoughts on either the crites or ALK crossovers are welcomed. I've read that the crites are replacements where as the ALK's are upgrades. Anyone with experience getting inside a pair of II's with any tips or words of wisdom please share. 3rd) i am also planning to replace the tweeter diaphrams with new titanium ones from crites. Have any of you done this? Impressions? and how difficult was the operation? Any tips? Overall I am really really happy with these speakers I am anxious to see what they are really capable of.
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