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  1. Drivers: K22, K53 & K77------->K28, K53Ti, K107Ti; CWIII Xover - K53Ti ,K107Ti Level reduced 3dB by RME DAC Setup: Internet Stations | | Router 2010 Mac Mini | Ripped CDs, Downloads | MinimServer V2-----------DLNA/UPNP--LAN--Yamaha WXC-50---RME ADI FS-2----NAD C160--------|---B&K ST2140----H III MinimStreamer / Yamaha CX-2--|---------------R115SW Sub | Pioneer PLX-1000 | Denon DL-110/DL-301/ | AT VM540ML-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. One pair of Heresy IIIs - Cherry, SRB, with consecutive serial numbers. Some small dings and scuffs, overall very good condition. They are packed into their original boxes. LOWERING PRICE TO $1000 CASH - 4TH OF JULY SALE!!! Enjoy the speakers Spot!
  3. Hello- I've got. pair of Heresy IIIs that I bought around 2017 and I have an SVS PB-2000 subwoofer I'm trying to pair them up with. The SVS manual suggests using the loudspeaker's rated bass extension as a good starting off point to set the low pas filter. There aren't many settings so I don't have a lot to go wrong, but I've adjusted and played around with the settings and I'm not finding a good jumping off point. Unfortunately, I'm just one person with 2 ears attached to my one head and I don't have a lot of equipment for setting up and adjusting placements and levels, so it's a lot of setting, going to my listening point, trying again, resetting, trying again, and so on. Which could go on forever. So I'm just trying to zero in on wher thr rolloff is for the Klipsch's to hand things over to the SVS sub, and fine tune it from there. The sub, being analog before bluetooth apps and fun interlinks were available, makes it a bit more esoteric, but in the end I know it comes down to my preference. I'm just looking for a good starting point of Hz, and possibly volume setting to work with. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, I recently purchased a pair of Heresy IIIs and I need some advice on amp/pre or integrated selection. At first paired with Nad 3020. Great sound!! But at high volume the amp was not doing the job. Tried HK 3490 as a preamp with the 3020, didnt help. Now Nad 3020 with Nad 2100 poweramp, and it sounds really bad. Any advice or other equipment suggestions is appreciated! I have two NAD 3020 and a NAD 2100 poweramp at home. Cheers!
  5. Pair of Klipsch Heresy 3 speakers in black ash. Beautiful condition. Only minor surface scratches as shown in pictures. Original owner. Fantastic sound. Functionally 100% like new. Original boxes and owners manuals included. Matched set with consecutive serial numbers. Pickup preferred. Will consider shipping at buyers expense. Located in Northern New Jersey, 07848.
  6. Dear Klipsch fans, I've been enjoyning my new Heresy III speakers for more than 2 years now. I can't say enough how great they can sound if you do the right thing and how bad thay can sound if you don't. The purpose of this topic is to share ideas between Heresy III owners so we can get the best out of them. If a similar topic already exists anywhere, please share the link. Thank you.
  7. From the album: Paladin's System Album

    Added a Sony 85" XBR85x900f to the Heresy Home Theatre. 4K, HDR10, Dolby Vision, oh my...! Oh, and no grills I won't say what brand of stands those are; they're made by people who buy other sound equipment...BUT I love the mid-century retro vibe they add to the already mid-century looking Heresy.
  8. From the album: Paladin's System Album

    Got the new R-115SW's in an up. Now that I have 5 H-III's, I have a full L/C/R/SL/SR 5 channel array of Heresy. If it's Heresy to build a home theatre out of Heresies (is that the plural?) well... I dood it anyway!
  9. From the album: Paladin's System Album

    Time to unbox a pair of R-115SW and a fifth H-III! Also a new Furman Elite-15 PFi is lurking back there too
  10. Hey all! I’ve never sold anything on here before, but I have some Klipsch Heresy III I no longer have room for. They are black and 2 years old! They have been in my computer room the entire time and i don’t allow smoking in my house! 1000 is what I am aiming for! I can ship, but I don’t have original boxes so that may be dangerous! iI am in Iowa!
  11. Hi all, Newbie to the Klipsch board but long time vinyl dj and analog guy :) I need your help. I'm building a home set up for my dj gear (ie. all analog rotary mixer and all turntables), playing disco, 80s, and early & modern electronic music. I've got Heresy IIIs and a sub on my list and I'm having trouble what amp to choose. I wasn't trying to spend "too" much (around $1K and under) but here's what I've narrow down in terms of integrated amps (hoping to connect a few other inputs, maybe a digital input, but sound quality is priority #1) - all of which are around 50w which I'm hoping would power the speakers enough. I know there are much better amps and pre+amp combos, but I'm trying to take it easy for my wife's sake ;) I've read around and on here of people saying more power to the Heresys will drive them to sound better but I'm thinking these should do the trick. Heed Elixer - class A NAD C 368 - hybrid class D Cambridge CXA60/CXA80 - class A/B PS Sprout 100 - class D NAD D3045 V2 - class D Marantz PM7005 - discrete circuitry Peach Tree Decco125 - class D Cheers
  12. UPDATED LIST 8/11/2018 THEY ARE SOLD AND ALL GONE. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING THE KLIPSCH MUSEUM OF AUDIO HISTORY. THANK YOU KLIPSCH (especially @Chief bonehead) FOR THE GENEROUS DONATION OF EXCESS INVENTORY!!! Thank you @bhendrix @kharmondds @dtel for all of the sales support, research, photography, set up and assistance. We have some more stuff coming like some new Heritage speakers that WILL BLOW YOU AWAY. Stay tuned.  FOR SALE to MEMBERS of the Klipsch Heritage Museum Assocation, Inc. d/b/a Klipsch Museum of Audio History KLIPSCH SPEAKER SALE (OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS) Featuring Klipsch Heresy’s (Chief Bonehead Editions), Klipsch Professional Theater Speakers (“KPT”) and Klipsch Permanent Installation Speakers (“KI series”) MEMBERSHIP DRIVE AND FUNDRAISER for the Klipsch Museum of Audio History The Klipsch Forum the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association, Inc. (KHMA) which operates the Klipsch Museum of Audio History recently received a generous donation of Klipsch speakers they had in excess inventory. These speakers were used as “demo” speakers from trade shows, speaker demonstrations and tested in installations. When they were returned to Klipsch in Hope, Arkansas they were all tested at the factory by the head of Quality Assurance and determined to be in excellent working order. The KHMA has decided to use these speakers to encourage people to join KHMA by initially offering them only to MEMBERS of the KHMA, and . . . As a special “thank you” YOU, our Members The Officers of KHMA wanted this be an additional benefit to show our thanks to all of YOU for stepping up first and in a substantial way. A very big thank you to our largest contributor and sponsor Klipsch Group, Inc. for this colossal donation of speakers. Friends, there are no pink headphones or “crap audio ” in this list. Now for the speakers. The Thanks “UP-FRONT” Kevin Harmon, KHMA Trustee and Khorn Corps member, personally inspected all of these speakers and they were photographed by Khorn Corps Member Elden Luquet, husband of KHMA Trustee and Secretary, Christy Luquet. Kevin, as many of you know, has bought and sold a lot of Klipsch Professional, KPT and KI speakers over the years. Bill Hendrix supplied a wealth of information on these speakers. He has owned practically every KPT and KI product we are offering for sale, as well as used them to set up sound for his church and other settings. A tremendous shout of thanks to Jim Hunter for picking up these speakers from KGI and taking them to our new annex building out near the airport. Finally, thanks to Chief Bonehead, Trustee Roy Delgado, Jr., for suggesting to KGI they donate these speakers in the first place, filling in some technical information here and there, AND, agreeing to sign the Chief Bonehead Heresy’s. Physical Condition of these speakers varies from “good” up to “excellent”. They have been photographed and you can view all photos and judge the condition of these speakers for yourself by going to one of the following links: Speaker Photos Dropbox link with “hi-res” photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4lx0uurp15zbsxs/AABr3we9ERoj0ASDYBGJYV4ha?dl=0 The Dropbox folder includes a Subfolder with the photos of the Chief Bonehead Edition Heresy IIIs. Or They are up in the Klipsch Forums Photo Gallery here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/gallery/album/394-klipsch-museum-pro-speaker-sale/ Part II https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/gallery/album/395-klipsch-museum-pro-speaker-sale-part-2/ The Hersey Photos can be seen in the Klipsch Forum here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/175943-almost-here-museum-selling-kpt-and-ki-speakers-and-chief-bonehead-h3s/&page=4 LIST of Speakers and PRICES See the attached pdf file for the list of speakers and prices. If you are unable to open please contact me immediately! HOW TO PURCHASE Keep in mind these speakers are local pick-up only in Hope, Arkansas. (see below under “Terms”). We will accept offers to purchase by email to travis@klipschmuseum.org It will be first come, first served, based upon date-timestamp of the email. The attached list has “item” numbers. Simply send me a reply email that says something like: “I will take Item(s) H1 and H2, the pair of Chief Bonehead Heresy IIIs.” That’s it, I will send you a reply email advising you if you were first, and if so, where and how to pay. NOTE: In some cases, we have multiple pairs of speakers. For example, 1 pairs of 396s, plus a set of three (3) 396s, about five (5) 684 subs. If you wish to put in your email something like “if Items H1 and H2 are already sold, then I will take Items H3 and H4” and it will help ensure that you are “first in line” on your second choice backup pair. Payment will be due within five (5) days of the date of your purchase, either by credit card/PayPal payment to the KHMA PayPal account or by check received to the Klipsch Museum (if you are overnighting a check, it has to be by a Post Office overnight/expedited delivery process since it will be going to a P.O. Box in Hope, Arkansas). I will be sending the PayPal Account information and P.O. Box address with the invoices by email. Delivery: We CANNOT SHIP, local (Hope, Arkansas) pickup only. The speakers have been priced accordingly. If you are coming to the Pilgrimage you can pick them up then. If you know someone coming to the Pilgrimage we will assist you with putting you together with them to see if they might be able to transport the speakers back to you. If you are doing a pickup during Pilgrimage we will have people there to assist you with loading in the back of your pick up or trailer or SUV. If you don’t have a pickup, full-size SUV or trailer, you need to check the dimensions of these products and their weight to determine if what you are driving is going to work. If you pick up before or after Pilgrimage you will also need to bring along your own manpower to load them in your vehicle of choice. Technical and Condition Questions: If you have technical questions about the speakers for sale, Bill Hendrix and Kevin Harmon have volunteered to answer questions about the specific products, how they sound, what they match with, what components they have, what goes well with what, etc. For the fastest response, I would send both of them an email and they can get back to you as their schedules allow. Also, include a text and/or phone number so if that is the quickest way for them to respond they can use that option. Bill Hendrix has owned, bought and sold nearly every product on this list and is very knowledgeable regarding the KPT and KI product lines. He can probably even tell you if a particular speaker will fit in a Suburban or not. Kevin Harmon has also owned some of the speakers on the list and has personally viewed each and every speaker listed. Their email addresses are: bhendrix51@me.com for Bill Hendrix and kharmondds@aol.com for Kevin Harmon. Additional information: If you have any other questions please let us know. Terms of Sale (The fine print) 1. Items for sale are “local pick up” only, as in FOB Klipsch Museum of Audio History Steam Generating Plant, Annex. We are currently not in a position to assist with shipping any of these items. We will allow up to forty-five (45) days for you to pick up your items. We request that you advise us of your intended arrangements for pickup within fourteen (14) days of your purchase. 2. Payment must be received within five (5) days of your purchase being acknowledged by us. Payment will be through either PayPal or check at our P.O. Box in Hope, Arkansas. 3. Items for sale are sold “as is, where is” with no warranty, express or implied, no exchanges, returns or refunds. 4. If you direct us to give any items you purchase to a third-person to deliver them to you, we are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the third-person. THANKS AGAIN! On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association, Inc. and its Executive Committee, thank you for being a Member. A note of very special thanks to Klipsch Group, Inc. for their continuing support of the Museum by their generous donation of these speakers. Travis Travis Williamson, Esq. Klipsch Heritage Museum Association, Inc. • PO Box 280, Hope, AR 71802 • PRICE LIST-Klipsch Museum Speaker Sale See updated towards the end of this thread dated 8/1/2018
  13. Hello all, Didn't see an intro page, so...54 year old "audiophool" here living in Europe for the last 28 years. Have owned or still own Martin-Logan, Magnepan, Jadis, Wadia, Audio Research, YBA, Musical Fidelity, Sonus faber, the list is embarrassing...My current dilemma is the following; Listening room remodel (thanks to wifey) only leaves room for speakers somewhat close to wall and corners (1 to 1,5m from sides and 15 -25cm from front wall) so I'm to constrained now notably with the Sonus faber Cremona Ms (rear-ported bass reflex, so they need space). Plus, I think I want to relax and enjoy the music rather than rip my hair out constantly by tweaking, adjusting, changing, modifying, DIYing just about everything possible (you know the ritual of audiophilia nervosa...). However, I do not tolerate less than high-end sound... So...getting to my point, I was wondering if it would be heretical to consider the HIIIs driven by Jadis PP KT88s or Line Magnetic EL34s wired for UL in order to fix my room placement problem and just enjoy the music a bit more... Room has no acoustic treatments other than furniture, curtains, throw rug, etc. and size is about 5m x 7m, open space behind listening sofa which is about 3,5m from speakers. Have noticed that the acoustic suspension HIIIs requiire some bass tweaking...I do have an excellent BK Electronics (acoustic suspension, down-firing Peerless) sub from the UK which is really quite discreet and musical. I do llke the idea of installing the HIIIs on quality stands. Voilà my dilemma. Is this a feasable, plausible plan or am I heading straight to disappointment after the very fine Sonus fabers? Would highly appreciate your thoughts, observations and suggestions. Kind regards from Paris, France. David
  14. Hello all, brand new to the forum and a newbie to speakers. After several weeks of research, I’ve decided to buy a pair of Heresy iii & Denon x4300. When listening to the the heresy (at around 65% volume on the receiver) it seem lacking power, not as booming and powerful as my klipsch promedia 2.1 where I have them as my computer speakers. Is this normal? Please advise on what could be the issue, thanks.
  15. Moving - need to part ways with years of speakers, etc. Pick up only - West Point, Mississippi. 1. 1963 Khorns, third owner, exceptional shape for age, SN's 1C999, 2C000, stunning presentation and sound with original parts, bamboo - Asking $1,500 for pair 2. Heresy III's, Cherry, one owner, bought in 90's. Risers. Mint., Asking $1,300.00 for pair. 3. KG4 - One owner, pair bought inn 80's, excellent condition. Risers. Asking $300.for pair 4. Adona 3 tier stand. See picture. Granite. Bought new 5 years ago. Asking 400.00 5. RF 3 II - One owner, bought in mid 90's, excellent condition. Asking $500.00 6. Sub - RSW 12; one owner bought in mid 90's. Excellent condition. Asking 250.00 All were powered with Macintosh components. I will be listing these shortly. I do have a third party that has agreed to ship these, if necessary. Other items : Rebuilt Pioneer PL-71 turntable. Asking 200.00 I have pictures, but am having trouble attaching. Would appreciate any advice as to how to insert pictures, or send me a message and I'll send. Thanks, Jim
  16. Hello, I have just gotten my newly restored Marantz 2252b receiver back and now i am looking for the perfect speakers. I know that this forum may be a "little" biased but Is the Klipsch Heresy III a good, great or perfect fit for my 2252? Thank you in advance for your advice!
  17. Hi folks, Though I consider myself still a newbie to this hobby, just wanted to share my satisfying experience from the upgrade from Heresy III to Forte III, as well as Mogwai amp from Ampsandsound. Long story short, I'm very very happy with the change from Heresy to Forte. And I believe the Mogwai amp really opens up the Heritage speakers. I'm listening to more music, and happier with the hobby now. They're not inexpensive, not as convenient as more modern equipment but I believe, despite my lack of many experiences with different gears, the combination can be one final destination of many possible ones as a modest music lover/audiophile can reach in terms of $ invested and hi-fi experience. I hope this post can be helpful for someone who's considering an Ampsandsound amp or a Klipsch Heritage pair especially you may have a hard time to actually audition Klipsch Heritage speakers.. Also, welcoming any question or advice. I have used a pair of Heresy III for about four years. It was recommended by one of my experienced audiophile friends given my taste (or bias) was developed as and geared toward a concert (classical and rock festivals) and jazz/blues club-goer, and my need for very sturdy speakers safe to my young kids (and vice versa). Upon changing from my beloved Dali Mentor Menuet (great mini-monitor speakers), I got to realize the livelier but less "modern and polished" sound; I cherished the big size woofer. I used the Heresy III with a pretty and gentle sounding class AB JFET-MOSFET solid state (Aura Vita) or a very quite NAD DirectDigital amp. Maybe due to my choice (or limitation) of the amp, yes, sometimes, it sounded a bit harsh, in-your-face; so I dreamed trying a tube amp or a different speaker. I do also think the Heresy sounded as if it has less "substance/mass" than one can desire, which may sound exciting and refreshing or just plain light-weighted; I also longed for a tube amp and lower extension of bass for this matter. So, finally, I pulled a trigger for the Mogwai amp with the pairs of 6L6GC and KT88. It's a ~3 watt SET amp by Ampsaoundsound. You can either plug speakers or headphones, and it has one RCA input and a volume pot. A big difference could be noticed right away. As I wished, Heresy-Mogwai combo sounded fuller, more 3 dimensional and warmer/smoother. It may not "accurately" sound (I don't know and I didn't measure) but to me and my family, the audible difference was just plain positive. With Mogwai feeding into Heresy III, I can't say the horn loaded high and mid are naturally harsher than other types of transducers. So, I can have the benefits of big woofer and horns without the coms people say/hear of. I believe the description on Ampsandsound is true to my experience. Mogwai is dead silent with the Heresy III; NAD's digital amp has no hiss at all and this Ampsandsound amp is very close to it (a volume 65~70% to max turned still doesn't generate a hiss). And once warmed up (just a couple of minutes), no transformer noise at all. The difference between two tubes is not what I can describe with confidence; I feel like KT88 is a more balanced choice though 6L6GC does have its own charm (I listen to one set a week now). The price tag looked high for the wattage, but I had a hard time to find a new, low power SET amp that I can purchase new, roll the tubes and have great customer services other than the Ampsandsound one. I might have gone with renowned branded 20~40W push pull amps but they were not that cheap either and I wanted to try one extreme with the benefits of the Heresy III's high sensitivity. Then, I moved my residence to one with the higher ceiling and longer listening space from speakers to couch. Heresy sounded difficult to fill the vertical space to the ceiling. And the longer space again called for a horn loaded speakers. Then I found out the Forte III was launching. I was hesitant because, yes, it's not inexpensive and I already own a Klipsch Heritage pair. Why not going for Magnepan, B&W, KEF or British monitors just to see what's out there different? But with the super lovely 3-watt amp new in place, I chose the Forte III, distressed oak color (color-wise, distressed oak looks like much toned-down espresso color). Again, immediately after installation, I had a big smile. Much happier than when I changed from Dali Menuet to Heresy III maybe because back then it was more like a lateral move, different rather than better. This time, I believe, to me and my space, Forte III is the better choice than Heresy III all around. I can hear the harmonics more and better, music sounds full and balanced over the bandwidth but not losing all the pros of Heresy III - dynamic, energetic and lively sound, and the bass of Forte III does go a long way in quality and quantity. I listen to all kinds of classical, acoustic blues and jazz and quite a bit of pop. All sound great. One pro of Heresy III over Forte III is the placement. As everyone knows, you can put Heresy III into the corner almost attached to the walls. With Forte III's passive radiators, you need about 10-15 inches of breathing room side and back. Also, often times, Heresy III's look goes well with low profile cabinet, couch and other interior deco. The other one is that Heresy III still has a lot of raw energy of music even compared to Forte III. I.e. if you listen to Black Sabbath at a pretty satisfying volume or hard bop or electric blues, you may even prefer Heresy III to Forte III or just don't need Forte III. I think it's one of the magic Heresy III keeps for a long time. Both Heresy and Forte have big woofers. Hz-wise, Heresy doesn't go deep, and Forte is modest for the size. Still, the feeling of big size woofer sound is very attractive and I think it's pretty rare to have that experience these days at a reasonable price. I almost feel that size of woofer and its character mitigate some cons of the Heritage speaker sound (if any). My experience with different gears is pretty limited. Still, I had a chance to listen to pretty high-end systems: DeVore Orangutans + full Shindo tube gears, Harbeth + top line Line Magnetic, Mark Levinson feeding KEF Ref and JBL synthesis speakers, thanks to my audiophile friends. Given the price difference and the quality of the sound I have, I don't envy those systems at all. I believe both Forte III and Heresy III do have own (Klipsch Heritage) sound characters that just make themselves sound different from other cone speakers, even making us hard to decide which is better. I don't think I'll change my system until I have $15K+ budget for amp and speakers. Some say the Heritage ones can image well. Yes, they do imaging - at last, they're stereo loudspeakers. But, I don't think they can as well as Harbeth or KEF LS50; even with my Dali, I can tell the difference easily. Regarding staging, my experience with Heresy III and Forte III tells me, these speakers put you on the stage, in the same space as the musicians. Other well made speakers literally depict a gorgeous stage in front of you, pretty deep and high (as I once experienced with the KEF reference or the Vivid Giya). So, it's very different experience between you being in the 3D space with the musicians and you visualizing the 3D space (whether studio or live stage). Others say Heresy is a rock speaker. Well, you can listen to any kind of music with great satisfaction through Heresy. To me, with Forte, even more satisfaction. Well made ribbon twitter or fancy mid range can do better than Klipsch Heritage but low power SET amp matching and big woofers can make the difference, too. My points are, 1. As everyone says, go for a low powered, full and warm sounding tube amp with Klipsch Heritage line; Ampandsound Mogwai is a terrific choice (I believe the other Ampsandsound amps should sound great), as great as making me buy another pair of Klipsch Heritage speakers. And I had a very hard time to find a choice less expensive with the comparable quality/service than them (since I didn't look for a vintage or used gear). 2. Unless you need to put your Heritage speakers into to corner and have the absolute cap in the budget, Forte III should be better than Heresy III in general. I think the price difference is justified, some may not. Depending on your music and volume choice, the price and spec difference might not be appreciated/justified. 3. Klipsch Heritage speakers are (and should be) different from a lot of cone-based speakers. But you don't have to much worry about the cons of Klipsch Heritage speakers 'people say.' They are well made, balanced speakers worth the price tag with a character because the form factor is rare these days. But better to focus on the pros and which experience you'd like to pull from your speakers. To my taste, Klipsch Heritage brings a lot of unique strengths I love to have without much downside. Even at some audio shops, when I said I use Heresy III, they looked at me one more time like 'why? are you sure?' kind of look. But well, my gears are fine enough to me, and I'm sure some of the "pros" didn't even experience the new line of Heritage speakers.
  18. Well after many years of someday... I finally bought my first pair of Klipsch speakers, a pair of walnut Heresy III's. Over the years I have lusted after my own pair. I remember when I was a kid in the 70's reading an article where the writer was miking things around his house (I don't remember the reason), he got distracted and inadvertently left things set up. He had a Klipsch horn as part of the setup, and someone came to visit. When his mike picked up the car door closing, he was astonished and went on to write a great deal how it sounded EXACTLY like a car door closing. That description of the faithful representation of the sound is what started my interest. Later in life mid to late 80's I was in the Navy and the BX had some pretty high end stuff LaScalla's included, a friend of mine had the money and got a pair, I loved those speakers. I often quote him "If you want to dissipate power, buy a toaster, if you want to hear music, buy Klipsch". Well the Polks I could afford during that period finally gave up the ghost so I replaced them with the Heresy's and a REL T9. They are breaking in as we speak. These are for the living room system. I have to say they sound good. The size has not put the wife off too much I originally thought LaScalla but with the space constraints the Heresy's made more sense. I have to admit the look on her face would have been priceless! They are being driven by a Pioneer receiver (for now) and I'm looking for a nice tube something to put in front them. My main system consists of BAT VK-5SE pre, and VK 60 amp Dunlavy towers, but these sound nice, and affords the opportunity to play music softly and sound good. Thanks for being here and i hope to contribute soon. Ric
  19. Heresy III on demonstration in the UK Arrived yesterday and will be on demo from Monday onwards in South Devon. We can pick you up from the nearby local mainline railway station that is only 4 stops from London. BTW the "Garage" section says no dealers so I hope it's OK here ? Thanks Dave
  20. http://batonrouge.craigslist.org/ele/4366682907.html [ post ] [ account ] 0 favorites CL >baton rouge >all for sale / wanted >electronics - by owner — — — reply ✉ ☎reply x prohibited[?] Posted: 14 days ago Klipsch Heresy 3 speakers - $875 (LSU Area) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) (yahoo map) Speakers for sale: Klipsch Heresy III speakers in cherry with titanium drivers. $875 per pair. No checks, money orders, PayPal, or drafts on Nigerian banks. Cash ONLY, and no fake $100 bills either. No scams! Audition only on carport. No strangers allowed in house. More speakers as Spring cleaning continues... Location: LSU Area do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers post id: 4366682907 posted: 14 days agoupdated: 3 days agoemail to friend ♥ best of [?] Avoid scams, deal locally Beware wiring (e.g. Western Union), cashier checks, money orders, shipping. © 2014 craigslistCL help safety privacy feedback cl jobs terms about mobile desktop
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