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Handcrafted De Longhi Ultimate oil filled wonders


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Now this is funny!


In the rarefied world of upper crust HiFi, there are ultimate truths
accepted by the cognoscenti. One of those truths is that power, very
high power, is a very good thing indeed in amplifiers. Another well
held truth is that inefficiency in components is a certain route to the
best and most pure audio experience.

In this pair of mono
amplifiers, I have attempted to combine both those attributes in a
compact package. Switchable power levels on each unit allow for up to
1500 watts a channel. That's not chopped liver as power numbers go in
anybodys league. Further, the units boast a full zero efficiency. For
those that appreciate true low efficiency operation for the glorious
thing that it is, this is no mean feat.

Delving further into the
psyche of the true audiophile we find the matter of oil. Small, oil
filled capacitors of the vitamin Q type and imitations from Russia and
other sources boast an oil content of a drop or so per capacitor. A
drop or so and audio Valhalla is reached complete with Brunhilde in the
brass brassiere. Going one step further, these units carry quarts of
warm, honey rich oil to tailor the fine nuance and delicate timbre
prior to its arrival at your anxious ears.

I conducted two independent experiments to verify the benefits of the oil in the circuit.
I constructed a pair of these using a pair of water filled baseboard
heaters as a basis. While not bad, they were thin sounding in
comparison. In retrospect, that was to be expected, oil has a heavier,
deeper body after all and if one desires the warm, liquid sound in ones
living room, what could be better than warm liquid to effect the
desired result?
Secondly, I drained all the oil from the crankcase
of my auto to see the effect, if any on my auto system. As I tooled
about town I noted that at first, the noise level went up rather high.
As I was waiting for the tow though, I had time to reflect on the sound
with a silent backdrop. Rather good I thought.

Now I do realize
that the asking price may be a bit stiff for some in these trying
economic times but a lot of that is simply a reflection of the oil
market. That is simply something out of the control of humble crafters
of fine audio equipment like myself. Should the cartel relent my
pricing structure will react straightaway.

This is only the
start of the real adventure. After these sell I intend to craft a set
using three of these units per channel. At a hearty 4500 watts a side
they should please the most discriminating and cultured listener while
offering a somewhat decreased efficiency due to the Triode mode of
operation. All advances do come at a cost and advances in the art are
hard won by daring pioneers. If not for pioneering efforts such as this
where would the audio art be today?As these are rather bulky to pack
and ship, no overseas sales please.

I must admit that I will
dearly hate to see these go as they have become almost part of the
family in the many years that they have lived with us, however, no
sacrifice is too much to make in the interests of advancing the audio



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Yah, I saw that on Audiogon too. Pretty funny. I think it's sort of a take off of PWK's AES white paper "The Ultimate LSH Speaker". What's even funnier about that one is PWK is one the few so highly distinguished individuals who could be "allowed" to publish such a completely bogus document in their "society" technical journal. LMAO

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"Further, the units boast a full zero efficiency. For
those that appreciate true low efficiency operation for the glorious
thing that it is, this is no mean feat."

Nuthin to it. The exact same words have been on every job performance review I've ever had.

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