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XPA-2 in hand!


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So anyway, just hooked the XPA-2 up, yeah believe the hype! It's all that and a bag of chips! Seriously though this thing rocks, and its dead quiet for me too. What was immediately apparent was the power of this thing. The head room over my Yamaha is amazing, my Forte's seem quicker now mainly in the bass area. And everything else seems to come alive. It almost seems like a blanket was taken off of my speakers. I just got done with a two hour listening session and I have to say my ears do not feel fatigued at all. I dunno how to describe it, but it almost seems the XPA-2 has tamed my pre-amp and made the sound a bit warmer and easier to listen to.

This is just a quick observation of mine, I am by no means an expert on sound but from what I can tell this is a significant upgrade to my system. I have to give a big thank you to the guys and gals at Emotiva for making a kick *** amp for the mere mortal to afford and own!

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I hit the reserve button for emotiva holiday pricing on the X2 several weeks ago... no luck yet in as far them letting me know one is available.

I almost bought a pair of the mono x1's but I kind of glad I didn't, my set up is powerful enough just using the USP pre amp in analog.

when that X2 shipment comes in I will be getting one if I still get that pricing.

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