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how much space or how big a room does Cornwall III and La Scala II need?


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Hi there

I´am new owner of the Klipsch Cornwall. How is you experience with room size for Cornwall and La Scala. I´am interested in La Scala, but don´t know if my room is big enough?

My listening room is about 40 yard (34 kvm)


Rytmik :-)

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Sounds great. A little bit dry, I thing it´s the italien amp. Would like to try valve amplification, when I can afford it. More 3 D and space, than i could imagine.

I thing the La Scala looks great, and wonder if the room is to small for them. :)

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I have my LS in a room that is about 3.4m x 6.1m with ceiling of 2.43m. I use low power 2A3 amps, and sit back out 3.5m. When I do serious listening I move some things out of the way. The sound is great, plenty of bass, the music takes me to another place. I only heard Cornwalls once, while visiting the Klipsch facility in Indianapolis, IN one year. Personally, there was too much bass for my tastes. I would like to hear them somewhere else to compare.

... and welcome to the forums!



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