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The difference between English and American...


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****** in England is a small meatball like foodstuff of which the most well known Make is Brains Faggots - I kid you not.

*** - the short form on the other hand is a cigarette.

This caused some confusion and consternation in a meeting in New York when I announced I was leaving the building to have a quick ***.

What this has to do with anything I really can't imagine - put it down to the lighter side of life.

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English girls often ask to be "knocked up" in the morning when they wish to avoid being late.

During WWIImy father,(A Canadian),was asked to leave a store having asked a female clerk if she had any nipples. The store management relented when they realised that he didn't know that the proper word was ****.

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Do you mean to tell me that there is a single person in this forum that believes that Ratboy's ****** post has any other connotation than the homosexual. Right Right, you're bloody well right, oops, I'm pissed, one too many pints, should have gone for the bangers and mash, just another long lost "bird". Once I gave up the fags, I got kinda nasty...it's the whole beans for breakfast thing...and the drumming on my head....

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Yes I'm that single person . Can you see me ?

Hello ! Over here !Wavey.gif Alllll the way over here in Siberia .I haven't talked to another human being in over 50 years ! I'm with you on this one Clu. I've just been waiting in the shadows for you to rip those stitches out and pounce on this baby like it was the last pound of rice in the middle of Red China. He he.

If they want rice patties icon98.gif

they'll get rice patties. cwm35.gif


tHe wORLDs werst TYPesT>

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A ****** in England(and elsewhere) is also a glowing ember...which was used for lighting pipes and cigarettes in the old days...straight from the hearth!!


I can now receive private messages

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...and lorries aint girlfriends

they are trucks


Congrats on "no life"

More than nice system pictures!

If you need home delivery on beer during a marathon critical listening session and you do not feel you can leave withoutcompromising the integrity of the evaluation, let me know.

No charge for delivery... or the beer.


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I know this is going to come as something of a shock but I read Rat's post as the equivalent of meatballs in California... assuming he meant morons, thick-heads and some such.

I am not saying that I do not know the ****** - homosexual association but that it never crossed my mind that that was what he might mean.

On reading his post I could see no reference to Homosexuality in it and therefore presume I was right.

I should add that had his post contained derogatory references to Homosexuals I too would have taken offence at the language, and indeed the message.

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Thank you Forrest for exactly pinpointing what being a bigott is all about.

Your post is something I would object to on several levels:

- all Liberals are Homosexual

Oh please!!

- Hissy, Venom spitting Homos

There is just nothing to say on this - we have no common ground. You are obviously using the fact you assume Rat's intent to vent your own intolerance in an offensive way.

I guess it is not easy being in the closet...

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I still remember being at dinner with an English client who was a bit 'randy' (heh) and was telling a long story about something or another, but one part that made my jaw drop was when he said he often 'went to work without pants'.

In America we call them 'underpants'.

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