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Hofy's Duct Tape Mounting System (patent pending)


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Yup! Friggan 8 years later and guess what is still cranking away in my computer room!

My trusty ol' v2.400s! Granted, two control pods and an amp later, they are still going strong. Probably will eventually get something newer. Hopefully Klipsch will come out with a ProMedia 5.1 Ultra 2 that will be a worthy replacement!

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I hope this isn't duplicating someone elses thoughts but duct tape does come in multiple colors now. Standard gray of course is probably fine for all around listening.

Different colors for different types of music for even greater music enjoyment....

blue for classical

black for all out rockin' assault

red for jazz

green for folk


suggestions for optimum colors of ducttape for various music genres are welcome

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I don't know? How could I miss it too?

Anyway, 9 years and I am still rocking the same speakers!!. (Still only in stereo with the front two due to space and setup.)

But, the Duct Tape Mounting System still holds 'em in place!

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Looks like something out of "See! I fixed it!"

http://seeifixedit.com/ (self-moderation note: http://seeifixedit.com/ is mostly clean, but other associated sites linked in the banner at the top of the page are not: Some are most asuredly NOT family- and work-friendly, notably the MyDrunk series.)

Did Hofy's setup get submitted to seeifixed.com yet? ;)
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Only a couple of more weeks and I will have had the awesome Klipsch setup for 10 YEARS!!
I have yet to listen to any multimedia/computer speaker that sounds as good.

Long time no see! Glad to see you still around,.

Hard to believe it was TEN YEARS since I've started on this forum and had my "still working to this day" v2.400s, although I don't use them as much as in the past (why when I got a perfectly good RF-7 rig in the living room that I pretty muchy use!)

Still - friggan TEN YEARS! Still remember like yesterday when I first got them and joined this forum. Where did all that time go?

I do agree - I've listened to many a set of computer speakers, and yet to find any that I thought sounded as good as my trusty ol v2.400s. I thought about getting the ProMedia 5.1 Ultras when they came out, but could not justify the cost at the time when my v2.400s were still working perfectly good. To bad Klipsch seemed to pretty much killed off the whole ProMedia line - would love to see a ProMedia 5.1 Ultra 2 or something. I do have a pair of ProMedia 2.0s that I sometimes like to lug around with my laptop, though.

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