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Youthman's LaScala Trio Home Theater Build (Version 2.0) Begins!


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On 10/4/2018 at 9:40 PM, Youthman said:

I have been so busy lately, I haven't kept my AVS and Klipsch Build Thread's up.  Definitely have had some upgrades to the theater room.


I sold my (4) Klipsch RSW-15's that were approaching 15yrs old and purchased Dual SVS PB16 Ultras.   I loved the output of the my RSW15's but always wanted something that had a bit more depth.

I got a pair of SVS SB16 Ultras in to review and although they were nice, they didn't have the output the RSW15's had, even when doing a 1 on 1 comparison or a 2 on 2 comparison.  I knew it wouldn't be a fair fight if I put all 4 RSW15's up against the Dual SB16's.

I reached out to SVS with my findings and after thinking about it, they realized the RSW15 is more similar to a ported design than a sealed design.  I always viewed them as a sealed enclosure since they don't have "ports".  Learn something new everyday.

So they sent me a pair of PB16 Ultras and oh my goodness.  Talk about impressive.  You guys know how much I love Klipsch but the PB16 Ultra is a beast, not only in size, but also in output, depth and had much more authority below 30Hz than my 4 RSW15's had.

Before sending back the Dual SB16's, I had a little bit of fun with them and decided to stack them behind my 150" screen.  :)




Awesome man well done indeed. 


Did you prefer the 3 open 20 hz tuning on those 16s? On the 3 big svs I had I found the 20 hz 3 open ports best by quite a bit. I was somewhat surprised being so many seemed to plug one and prefer it. 


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On 1/24/2019 at 7:41 PM, Youthman said:

After 2 years, I finally decided to make an updated room tour of my 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos Setup. Enjoy!




Hey! I am planning a home theater build now and using an acoustically transparent screen that I can put lights behind to show the speaker hardware pre-show would be awesome! I noticed you put LED strips that show your equipment in this way but do you have brighter lights that show the whole backstage through the screen as well? Basically like you have in this youtube video photo

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HI i have recently built a 5.1.2 Home theater . i had few question on calibrating my speakers .. What is the best decible level should i have for my speakers . i tuned each speakers to reach 75 db using a spl meter but the volume is very low ... i almost have to turn it up to -10 to -5 to hear .. Can i have my speakers to set to 80 db ? Also i have a denon x4500H avr where relative volume scale is  +18 to -79 ..Please help me with your valuable inputs 

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Youth man,


new to this whole thing. Building a room above garage. Want to set mine up similar. What were the aluminum fake you used called?  I have a 14 foot wall for my screen. Thinking 150inch screen. But can’t find your screen in the link you posted. It won’t connect to anything. How did u make the spline channel to put the screen in? 

Many things I would like to ask you but here might not be the right place. 

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