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OPPO 103 coming any tips ?


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Just ordered a oppo 103, old sony gave up, wife told me to just get

another one. She didn't say which one so I ordered the oppo 103.

Have read most of the manual online, and there are a lot of adjustments

that can be made. Looking for some tips from owners on how yours are set up.

Going to hook it up to my new XMC-1.Plan on using it to stream Netflix and

play movies.Want to get a few SACD to try those out.


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I have a 105. Both are great players, and just about play anything (except iso). The analog outputs are great as well. I run both HDMI and analog. I use the HDMI for video, and analog for most music (DVD Audio, CD, etc). The Oppo has plenty of speaker and crossover choices.


Have fun!



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Just remember that there is a difference between the HDMI output ports (at least on my unit) - the "HDMI 1" port includes an additional video processor that is spectacular when playing video with noisy backgrounds and poorly color-balanced video. Also, on my unit, the HDMI 2 port lacks that processor but alternatively supports direct DSD output to your preamp for all your SACDs. 


It makes a huge difference when I switch HDMI ports when listening to SACDs. You can see which codec is being used on the screen - otherwise my BDP-103 first converts to PCM if on the "HDMI 1" port - and it doesn't sound nearly as good.  YMMV.

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Is there any advantage to it if you watch movies ripped to the HDD?


Not from a source material perspective. The only real advantage is the ability to minimize space used by your media and that you don't have to get up and down to change movies. No scratched discs, etc.


What I meant is... Is there an advantage to using the 103 vs using my NAS... I am currently using the NAS, and I hear about how great the 103. I wonder what would make me want to use the 103 instead of JRiver/XBMC streaming.

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gotcha - i didnt know your technical competency or the context with which you were asking. i would think the video processing chips within the oppo are superior to the HTPC and it could potentially reduce the device clutter in your cabinet. It's easy enough to play that content from your NAS with some DLNA server software, so I'd say try both and see which you prefer.

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