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Let's See Your Bicycle


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Bikes are kewl.  I use mine for all of my commuting now, an aluminum frame Cannondale with 38 mm 700c tires, 80 psi.  As such, it is very heavy and old, but one would be insane to ride a nicer bike around town and leave it outside the library or store for extended time.


A friend loaned me his very nice road bike with skinnier slick tires, 100 psi, and Chromoly frame:  Nicer ride than my aluminum, lighter, and way faster.  But it had low drop bars, I like my higher flat bars, and the shifters on the levers I could never get used to, very much appreciate the easy thumb levers on mine.  Very happy and I hope my bike never leaves me.

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1 hour ago, rplace said:


The old steel is real saying is very true. It rides like a dream.


I have to say that carbon has gotten much better over the years. I rode a steel Waterford Paramount OS from 1989 to 2016, when I bought a carbon fiber Fuji Altamira 1.1. The "feel" of the Fuji is almost identical to that of the Paramount.


The most interesting thing is that the Fuji weighs exactly one pound less than the Paramount. Much of that difference can be attributed to 24/28-spoke wheels on the Fuji vs. 32/32-spoke wheels on the Paramount. So much for high-tech weight savings.

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