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Let's See Your Bicycle


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Great clip of the big wheel Carl, my buddies and I used to do this Catamaran style on two skate boards. We would take big hills sitting face to face with each other while placing our feet on each others board ends and then controlling pitch with our hands on our board ends :) Talk about major rush ;)

So here's my latest Bike Tarheel, looks like the Hogs play you guys next :lol:



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I saw this sweet 1996 De Rosa Primato, just my size, hanging among some crappy mountain bikes in a local second hand sports shop couple years ago.  Full original Campy Record Ti group.  Didn't even haggle on the price ($550).

It had no issues at all but I did freshen it up a bit. New rubber, cables, hoods, leather seat, leather bar wrap, found correct pedals in great shape on ebay and presto - this bike has a soul.  I laced up some semi-aero NOS Campy clincher rims (and a set of tubulars as well) since I took the pictures so it is now 100% Italian goodness..  This beauty comes to me when I whistle, pedals itself, and beautiful women throw underwear at me when ride by.
I like the tramp stamp.
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Very nice bikes and photos Gents.  I'll take a pic of the lady friends "comfort" Trek and my old 72 Flandria made in Flanders, Belgium later.


My old bike was stolen once and months later while I was at a stop light a guy rode it across the intersection.  Gave chase in the VW and later on foot and just before I grabbed the punk he threw the bike down in front of me and hopped a fence :mellow:


Keep the pics coming.

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Cloudy and cool today.  Hoping to get back in the saddle.  A couple of long rides the last two days.  I know some of you have wondered about my sore butt (especially Earl :P) I think I am getting broken in some and it's not as painful as the first few days.  The Trek saddle is even harder than the Flandria saddle.


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