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Let's See Your Bicycle


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A couple of years ago, I picked up one of the 250 limited production Stumpjumper Classics that Specialized ran for the 25th anniversary of the Stumpjumper.  Remake of the original Tange frame and special run of original gumwall Ground Control tires.  Came with top-shelf 2007 components.  Original cost was around $1,300 (pretty steep for an '80s style rigid steel bike.)  Many were just stripped of components but it's a fun ride and I'm just going to keep it as is.  Brings back memories of falling in love with the Stumpy back in 1984.



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Does a cross bike count?


They all count!  ...just a matter of personal preference

Myself?  - light weight - ultra high end, full suspension.   * my carbon fiber Stumpy :) -LOVE IT !!!


Shopping for a new wheelset right now  -  OUCH $$$ :(

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My first "serious" bike:


Marin MTB (1999) - still have it, with Michelin road tires. One of the last ones with cromoly buted frame. Kinda heavy now but beautifully flexible on the roads. Do it all bike but slow with MTB original chainrings.




Old Puch Alpina, converted for riding arround town:




And Trek Fx 7.2 for enjoying longer rides:



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Seeing all the Trek bikes takes me back to when I lived just outside Waterloo, WI, the home of Trek. They had only been there about six years when we moved to the north side of town (actually out in the country north side). Across the street was the pickle factory, and half the town seemed to have an old pickle barrel for a trash can (they were the plastic brine barrels). It was a beautiful place to live, and I passed the factory every day on my way to work in Madison.


Looking at the sat map, they have a LOT more employees there now. We would always see folks out riding the bikes on those rural Wisconsin roads.



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This is my ride, It's a 1962 Schwinn Tiger my brother grabbed for  me from the local dump. It was all original but I have made a few changes to it. I looked up the serial number and found out that it was manufactured late aug. I was born mid Sept. so we are kinda like soulmates. She rides like a classic Schwinn should, :)


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