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Ok. I bought the house in March of last year and have finally begun the work to bring the room up to par. On the surface, the room is pretty solid. About 11x19. Had/has a built in upper and lower cabinet/shelving units. The previous owner left the screen and 3 leather chairs that recline and nothing else.

Room started like this:


With beautiful wallpaper.


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I removed the wallpaper and it came down pretty easily with minimal damage to the walls. Funny, I'm no paper expert but I don't believe I've ever seen a professional job where they painted behind the seams!


I then took down the screen and its surround. All screens are stapled to the wall right? As it turns out it wasn't proper screen but rather some off white fabric.


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This is the AVR that I will use to drive 7.2.4 atmos. It's a pretty nice unit and I've not even spent 30 mins messing with it yet.



I know there's a lot of love for the vintage stuff, but I love the nice, new, modern AVR's. 


Really nice piece.  :emotion-21:

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Thanks. The bulk of the work starts Monday with running wire and speaker placement. A compromise was made due to space and seeing a theatre set up with all in wall/ceiling speakers. LCR will be behind the screen, sides and rears in wall and atmos in ceiling.

I will post more pics as I get going. I can't wait for the screen to arrive. It just fits in the space (height) and will seem enormous to me.

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Plenty of holes cut, lots of wire pulled, and a lot more to be done over the next couple days.

Back wall


Front wall, ran into some plywood behind the drywall. That wall was part of the original house so I think they removed the stucco and used it for the inside wall.


Sides. You can see the side and atmos speakers already in place.



Have to get the drywall repaired tomorrow as the room is getting painted Wednesday.

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The calm before the storm. Not a lot of big changes but 12 holes cut to run wire and relocate some outlets and now ready for paint.

Going with a dark gray that matches a color in the carpet. All wiring run for Thursday and Friday when the screen, projector, remaining speakers, and equipment with rack. It's killing me that I can't watch a movie tonight!



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I am keeping the carpet. For now. It might get swapped out at some point but it's not even a pressing issue.

Progress made-pics are a little dark, the iPad doesn't have great light. Color is peppercorn and it's a nice dark gray that matches a color in the carpet. Ceiling, walls, and speaker covers.



Painted speaker grilles ready for install.


Back of the BW speaker. 4 of these for surround. Front speakers, projector and screen arrive tomorrow.


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I used to build houses so demolition is easy. What I was really unsure of is what was up in the ceiling. It's a flat roof and I knew the trusses were going across the short span.

I did have some help with the drywall repair. I have smooth walls and I don't trust my finishing technique!

I will have a local company help with the install of the projector and having it set up. This is my first and I need the room done before visitors come next week. I don't want to get this far and not get the projector just right.

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