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Outdoor pool speaker project is done!


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I finally got around to completing my project. I decided to implement a 70v system due to wire runs and simplicity of setup. I did have to buy external step down transformers but that's OK.

I have 6 emotiva uom 6.2's connected to an outlaw audio monoblock 200 w RMS @ 8 ohm and an OSD 70v transformer.

I plan to build some block enclosures around the speakers for a more finished look and to provide some relief from the elements. I thinking about doing a mesh screen front too but will have to see. I did some pipe trenching albeit just below the surface. The project took me about 4 days of work to get it done and so far it's been worth it. Its all connected to zone 2 on my UMC-1 and thus able to work with my sonos!


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I've thought about doing something similar and also implementing some subwoofage. I think I remember seeing some that are partially underground but have no idea how good they would sound.

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If budget wasnt a concern I would have absolutely put in klipsch but for the money at $130 a pair, I had to jump and get em. I have two more that I don't have a place to mount yet.

The pool is 10k gallon play pool that was pebbleteched in 2012. Water is about 82 right now which is nice.

The sound is mini coming out of all the speakers and it's pretty uniform in the pool. Its never perfect because of the different distances but the sound is clear. I'm staying away from subs, its what carries and will absolutely piss the neighbors off. It can get really loud but loud wasn't the point. Its supposed to be relaxing, I suppose haha. You put on ambient tropical tracks and you feel like you're in the Caribbean.

If any of you have questions or need advice, absolutely ask me. It was a bear of a project but absolutely worth it.

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