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New Forte II's Are Home


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I just wanted to say a huge thanks opusk2k9, jimjimbo, ZEUS121996, and my father-in-law CECAA850 here for picking up, transferring, and transporting a set of Forte II's from the Chicago area to Houston. We've got them in a 6.1 setup (Heresy II's for the front and rear, Forte II's for the fronts, and the new Forte II's for the surround sides) and they sound amazing. I'm fairly new to this community, and I hope that eventually I can meet up with ya'll to at least buy you a beer for your help.






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and my father-in-law CECAA850




With that statement I would assume you have a good sub ? :ph34r:


 But really it looks good,  you do realize your officially hooked and there is no return. 


Still surprised by that father in law thing, didn't expect to read that.  :)  Ignore everything you know about him, he's really a nice guy, really I promise, i know it's hard to believe but it's true.  :lol:

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One question SemperFi, have you ever tried the forte ll's as mains in place of the Heresy's ? Or is that how your using them ?


I asked because I compared those two before and they were surprisingly close in sound, closer than expected.


And I probably missed it so ......Welcome, your off to a great start.

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I just picked up a pair of Forte 2s today in OO. After I feed them a bottle of Old English lemon oil you won't be able to pass this up. Would you be interested in trading them for the pair you have in walnut? LOL, we would just reverse the process, Carl brings them to Hope, Jimbo brings them to me at a WalMart somewhere in the Midwest and I drive around to 3 different WMs before I get to them. Worst case scenario, I have to go to Hope and drink martinis shaken 100 times. I do have a face off with Carl, there's some things we need to fix. World hunger, peace and getting a little HAMMERED :D :D :D






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