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Looking to buy a Zerostat antistatic device


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10 hours ago, ZEUS121996 said:

I have a Parastatik disc preener if that's what you're looking for



I am looking for the vintage Zerostat as I now have a vinyl cleaning system, however, I still have static after I clean my vinyl.

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1 hour ago, Schu said:

I use distilled water and a discwasher brush and have zero static... and I live in a DRY desert.

I am in humid Southern, Ontario.


I have just set up a cleaning system and the last step is a vacuum after rinsing with distilled water.  The vacuum is a 3M service vacuum but perhaps the vacuuming process adds some static to the process.


I am hoping the Zerostat and my cleaning process will be the ticket to restoring my vinyl finds to playable condition.

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