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LaScala Crossover and Tweeter Differences


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In deang's tread he says we would need to source the autotransformer from him but says not to ask to buy the part until he anouces it on his Facebook page. (This was in June). I can't seem to find his page and don't want to harass him. Has anyone seen this posted or can point me to his page or another source.

thanks to all!

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2 hours ago, WakeJunkie said:

i am still interested in the conversion thread if anyone runs across it.  I have searched but no luck yet.

Thanks for letting me know you still want to read it.  I think I can find it because I can recognize some of the text, even though I can't recall it.




Some discussion


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The swap for the K77M fell through.  He had them also listed on eBay and they sold.  After all the good input here I think the real issue is the crossover anyway.  There is a slight difference between the K77 and K77M but it really takes a back burner to the AL crossover that nobody seems to like.

The AA crossovers from Crites are $324 shipped.  Definitely not something I am going to buy right before Christmas.

At least I learned what is needed to get these Lascalas sounding better.

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Shaun was able to make some adjustments in the receiver and his wife was more pleased with how they were sounding.  Unfortunately, Shaun discovered today one of the woofers was not working.  He removed the woofer and found no continuity so the woofer will need to be replaced.

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My $0.02  I was told (by @BEC I think) that back in the day Klipsch hand selected and mated K77 tweeters in pairs of speakers because there was such a variation in efficiency from unit to unit and they wanted the customer to get a  matched set in their stereo speakers. So if you got a highly efficient set in your speakers BEC's replacement CT125s may sound less "bright" to what you were used to. Conversely if your original K77s were less efficient the CT125s may sound "brighter". And of course if you don't have a pair that was mated at the factory all bets are off. This is what I recall being told, if i am all wrong please don't shoot me I'm only the piano player.

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On 11/29/2016 at 7:36 PM, Youthman said:

@WakeJunkie has a pair of LaScalas with mismatched tweeters (one K77 and one K77m).  He also has AL crossovers.


My LaScalas have K77m tweeters with AA crossovers.  His wife says she theirs do not sound as good as mine do.  I know room acoustics could be a factor but my question is there a general consensus as to a preferred crossover and tweeter?


He found on Bob's website where he says "We do not build the AK, AL, or AB crossovers since they are generally considered to be "not the best""




There's not much difference between the sound of a K-77 and a -M, but the -M does respond to above 14k and is capable of absorbing 10 watts of program material vs 2 watts for the K-77.  I would eventually replace one for the other so they match. 


The Type AL crossovers sound dreadful, so I'd recommend changing to AAs or AL-3s or higher.  My La Scalas were mismatched, one an '81 and the other an '82.  The '82 had a Type AL and a K-55-M squawker, too.  The first squawker I found was a K-55-V, so that set my course.  Both now have solder terminal K-55-Vs and Type AA networks. 

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