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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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17 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

I turn it UP!!

Wakeman is Wakeman!         

Did not mean to disparage the black and whites.


Should have said that - into the 80s Rush as the Preeminent band on the face of this Earth forged ahead with their musical composition!



They changed, bands change. The musical composition changed:


The trouble with the maples
And they're quite convinced they're right
They say the oaks are just too lofty
And they grab up all the light
But the oaks can't help their feelings
If they like the way they're made
And they wonder why the maples
Can't be happy in their shade?




Just between us 
I think it's time for us to recognize 
The differences we sometimes feared to show 
Just between us 
I think it's time for us to realize 
The spaces in between 
Leave room 
For you and I to grow




In the high school halls
In the shopping malls
Conform or be cast out
In the basement bars
In the backs of cars
Be cool or be cast out


I've got the last album, like it listened to it in that era where cars turned from thunderous steel sculptures just gliding into the sunset to ugly stinky egg fart aluminum boxes with cheap interiors. Ever note how you can tell if a movie was made in the 80s by the nappy soundtrack, kinda like that too!


I'll take Hemispheres and the `73 Dodge Charger RT thank you!


The x-ray is her siren song
My ship cannot resist her long
Nearer to my deadly goal
Until the black hole
Gains control
Spinning, whirling
Still descending
Like a spiral sea
Sound and fury
Drowns my heart
Every nerve
Is torn apart
'I bring truth and understanding
I bring wit and wisdom fair
Precious gifts beyond compare
We can build a world of wonder
I can make you all aware
I will find you food and shelter
Show you fire to keep you warm
Through the endless winter storm
You can live in grace and comfort
In the world that you transform'

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Rush - Exit Stage Left 

I have read that for this live album release - The tracks mostly come from the "Moving Pictures", "Permanent Waves", "Hemispheres" and "Farewell to Kings" albums.


Also it’s so well made it sounds as good as a studio recording 

This I will confirm when I play and enjoy the record 


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Spirit Of Radio (5:12) 
2. Red Barchetta (6:48) 
3. YYZ (7:44) 
4. Closer To The Heart 3:09) 
5. Beneath, Between and Behind (2:34) 
6. Jacobs Ladder (8:47) 
7. Broon's Bane (1:37) 
8. The Trees (4:50) 
9. Xanadu (12:10) 
10. Freewill (5:33) 
11. Tom Sawyer (5:01) 
12. La Villa Strangiato (9:38)

Total Time: 76:29


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@Full Range

I got that one weeks after it came out. Even through those two pair of four ohm 501s the sound was great. Like REO Speedwagon's Live LP those two records especially sounded just like the most recent shows we had seen by each band. Even in our cavernous domed coliseum then engineers then made the sound work very well.


And chide me about REO??? (not talking to you Paul or Mike) Go ahead, show your ignorance! They were once a good rock & roll band, that practically ceased to exist by going top-40.

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Guest wdecho

Found at flea market, one I did not have. Tapestry and Joni Mitchell's "For the Roses" were my favorite LP's way back when young. 



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11 hours ago, wdecho said:

Found at flea market, one I did not have. Tapestry and Joni Mitchell's "For the Roses" were my favorite LP's way back when young. 

Every home I went into back in the 70s had that album with her and the cat next to the window!

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Long time no post,


CSN, at their  best,






PS.. I’m listening to this through the set of Heresy III's I bought to support the Klipsch Heritage Museum. I think Chief Bonehead sprinkled fairy dust on these things... 



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CSN even before Y joined some of the best harmonies ever!


I looked for this LP one time a year or so ago after getting a working tt for the first time since about 2008. It wasn't there, obviously found a new home at some point in my hazy past. Just got it off the front porch!

It was on my mind last night talking about Exit Stage Left as both were clean and good for a live LP released back then.


You Get What You Play For

when Reo rocked!





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