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15 hours ago, Mossy bottom said:

Staying with the spaghetti western theme...A wonderful Ennio Morricone soundtrack.

Two Mules For Sister Sara.



That's the one with the four note downscale flute noise all through it. One of the better ones for the storyline & having Shirley in it!

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Hey, just pulled it up on the tv. Watched the first half hour, heard a flute and an oboe I think doing several quick stanzas. Yep it fits the nature of their interaction. Did not hear that quick four note downward almost scale that bugged me in one of those movies. Been ages since I watched any but I can hear that noise now!

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On 11/18/2021 at 2:23 AM, Mossy bottom said:

Hi George,

How are you!  

Yes, Good eye.  Well Tempered Tone Arm, and my trusty Benz.  Well done, you!

Hi Erich ....unfortunately, I don't have much time to devote to my audio hobby and music at the moment, but I'm doing well. Nice that you ask about me, I remember great hours, together with BobPezz and GWS in the " right this minute thread " man what we had fun. See you and Nipper as soon as I can.

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Good evening my friends.  As always, I try to be here when vinyl is spinning up here in Longfellow Music Hall.  Tonight's feature, Diana Krall's 'Turn up the Quiet' album.  Bought new in 2017 at a Barnes and Noble store.  Here is the cover art.  IMG-0960.jpg

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....continuing with the vinyl spinning FUN, dug this out of the Longfellow library.  Bought NEW back when it was released, probably on standard 140 gram, and still like new after all these years...   'Aja'  Steely Dan.  IMG-0969.jpg

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