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Dave, Real nice run of Traffic records.  

I'm keeping with this soundtrack gig I have going. 

This next soundtrack was a real popular film in my circle of friends.  Not because of the blonde on the motorcycle...It had some great musicians contributing like Mountain, Delaney & Bonnie, Jerry Reed, Big Mama Thornton!

Vanishing Point



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2 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

Traffic & Mr. Fantasy in the new 180 remaster

"something to make us all happy ... 

please don't be sad

if it was a straight mind you had

we wouldn't have known you all these years" ...


 ... or something like that. My memory isn't what it used to be.


Tell us about that 180 remaster, Dave. 




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2 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

Traffic released in 1968

It was this album, after Dave Mason had joined as a full fledged member of the band, that opened my eyes and ears to Traffic and Steve Winwood, and Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi.

Out of all the terrific stuff this group did, this was probably their finest.

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@Mossy bottom

Related to your pretty discs of Western Spagetti movie soundtracks


A little off topic, sorry everyone, but a photo of my motorbike in the Tabernas desert in Spain Andalusia, where the Spaghetti westerns were filmed: splendid!






Famous films were filmed at Tabernas : Un taxi pour Tobrouk, Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia, A fistful of Dollars, Once Upon A Time In The West, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, My Name is Nobody, 








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