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You are looking for the Holy Grail of Klipsch speakers my friend.  I wish you luck in finding them, the v1's don't come up for sale very often because the people who have them tend to hang on to them.


I have a pair of v1's in Med Oak to which I did various upgrade mods.  The stock CF-4s are great but my mod'd CF-4's knock the stockers right out of the park.  When paired with a 15" sub mine are the most accurate speakers I've ever heard.  My reference material is a grand piano because it is one of the most difficult instruments to reproduce accurately because of the range and dynamics.  If speakers can sound like a grand piano is sitting in your living room, it can do anything else.


Welcome to the forum, and I really hope you find them.



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It took me about 10 years to find my set - I had wanted Cherry.  You might consider setting an asking price - you might get someone to move.  I had to pay shipping, $500 and I didn't blink at the asking price of my speakers, $1500.  These are rare and tough to find - I wish you the best of luck.

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4 hours ago, pat_in_dfw said:

Yes. Just bought some. Debating on keeping Forte, KG5.5 or CF4s. Selling the ones I don't keep.

That's quite the first world conundrum you have there. 👍


Good luck with your choice. Sounds like fun! 

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My modded CF-4's w/15" sealed sub are the best speakers I've ever heard.  Over the RF-83, over the La Scala, over the Khorn.


My choice might not be the best for you. 


Type of music, amps, room, 2.0 vs 5.1 setup, WAF all makes a difference in what's best for you.

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1 hour ago, pat_in_dfw said:

Tell me what you would do.

Let my ears be my guide and try various placements. I'm not crazy about rear firing passive radiators because it limits placement options of which I have few in my current residence. My KLF-30s sit closer to the wall than is optimal but for now it'll do. Another day I'd like to move the ports  to the front and brace and seal them up for another 30 years. YMMV


Whichever combination i find myself returning to most frequently after hours and hours of listening, and a few adult beverages, is the winner. Enjoy the journey, it's not always about the destination...Unless you have an Aunt Edna riding backseat. 


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Those and the Forte, of either iteration, would go packing and the CF's would stay. I had seriously thought about getting Forte 3's (I don't pay retail) but decided to save my money and build my Belles and call it good. I still don't see F3's sounding "that much" better than my CF-3's plus don't want them that far off the wall. But that's just me. 

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