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FS Belle Klipsch modified


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Up for sale are my lovely Belle Klipschs.  I have upgraded (altered) (modified) them with the Volti wooden mid horn, Crites CT120 tweeter, Crites A-55-G mid driver, and Crites xover.  Sadly my new home (and wife) can't accommodate these beauties so it's time to sell.  The Belles sound great stock but it is THE best speaker I've heard (to my aging ears) with the updates (yes including Klipschorn, I us a sub so sue me) Cabs are an 8/10 with very small nicks and one small dent (in pics).  They look and sound phenomenal.  I live in Northen CA and am willing to travel a moderate distance to meet a buyer.  No shipping.  I'm asking $3,000 obo.  I know most stock Belles go from anywhere from 2k-3k and I guess you will have to decide if the upgrades are worth it or if you are looking for bone cold stock then these probably aren't your babies.



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Tweet is securely in position. It may be the camera angle.  The tweeters are securely mounted to the Volti provided adapter and then mounted to the horn proper.   It is a 2" adapter (I have the mounting kit for a 2" driver.  Tags incoming (they are sequential) 

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What I meant to say and should have said is this
The horn lens looks like it’s hooked in between the cloth and motor board and what made me slip with saying that I looks to be the wrong tweeter is that the horn is so much smaller then the cutout of the motor board
After I posted that I thought that maybe it should of had the z bracket and that’s why it looks the way it does

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