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Listening now, and the first track requires good full range speakers...


* super-tacky-tough

Far Out & wide open, that is a new-wave trippin' release

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Next is Captain Future:




While the series was international, the OSTs were not. Music was different in every country, the German one is supposed to be one of the better.

This was the first TV show I really watched every week as a boy.




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31 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

Not what I expected with the disco ball at all!

Don't EVEN mention disco ball w/ @MicroMara in the area.  Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy!  😂


Sitting here looking at your set up @AndreG. and YOU'RE the one I want to thank.  I thought it was your stand concept I saw but wasn't sure til yesterday.  I'm going to use that idea to build mine under my butcher block to hold the rest of my gear.  Rock solid, industrial look and relatively cheap compared to having nice a nice hard maple stand built.  You ARE the man!  Thanks!  Picked up some heavy duty shelving that's gonna work for $2 each.  Let ya know when it's done!  Again, thanks very much!  :)

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