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2 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

You ARE the man!  Thanks! 

Picked up the idea on the net myself, but thanks for the laurels. 😉

It´s very versatile, made my rack and a nice shelf for CDs and stuff so far.

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On 5/18/2022 at 11:56 PM, Full Range said:

I have a handful Van Der Graaf Generator on CD 

And 3 on vinyl - They are Pawn Hearts 1988, Godbluff 1975, Still Life 1976 







I've little Vinyls LPs of this too : VDG The Aerosol Grey Machine & Still Life and Peter Hammill The Future now


I'll have to put them on your vinyl wire  ☺️

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Hi @JohnJ and everybody


I discover this post on the CD, I will put some specimen of my collection the next days.


I have this TASCAM CD200SB pro player, with a CD-specific TEAC player base, not for computer CDroms. It has direct access to Track Select ranges and I have a small SMSL Sanskrit 6TH DAC that I bought from used $35: the sound is very good!







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10 hours ago, mustang_flht said:

Mine CDs collection, about 450/500 units




Who has the choice , is spoiled for choice . I would also like to post more here , almost 1000 CD's I own. My SACD player is unfortunately hardly in operation although he sounds ingenious. But I'm still addicted to vinyl fever because my TT sounds just as ingenious. Good to have both media

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Hope your improving... this is all on you! 

I do not mind though, but with my predominately rock collection if you glance over it this would stand out!


& it should. 


Yoko Kanno is incredible! and #s 1 - 5 together just whimsically and innocently? (not according to the pics with the cd)   lift my spirit with ease! The rest is just the icing on top.

I'll post it again in case anyone has missed it since you posted that discogs link first!






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3 hours ago, JohnJ said:

Not too many bands can compare with the dynamics of this band's music. & I've looked and looked can't find the whole thing on video. believe it was sold at one of their early 2000s shows.




King Crimson – Level Five (2006, Paper Sleeve, CD) - Discogs

A favourite band - when I first heard them in the seventies it changed my life 

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Big Tull fan here @AndreG. Thanks. Heard Aqualung so many times that I didn't listen to it for a few years on purpose.

Kind of like "Freebird", I'd heard it enough. That was the first of theirs that I heard, and now I love it as much as I did then again! 


Back to today. I got the May and June installments of the Tedeschi Trucks `22 Experience yesterday.

I & II of "I Am The Moon". Soulful, introspective and uplifting... the July release comes out Friday 7-29.

This is MASSIVE! Way beyond just the four LPs released through the first part of the summer.


:smile: Think I'll keep `em!




The DJ is covering this well at the youtube thread so I'm only linking one tune here. & thanks for bringing this to our attention Dave!




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