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WTB ATI 1502 Amplifier


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Picked it up after work today. All channels work, and it sounds good. Was a little dusty, but cleaned up well.


I get about 30-45 seconds of hum through the speakers when first powered on - sounds just like a ground loop - and then it settled down and goes away. No presence of it during audio playback after that short time period, so i'll have to do some searching and see if this is normal or something I need to have looked at.

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15 hours ago, billybob said:

Had a 250 wpc Carver that did that. Always considered it the capacitors charging up. Nice!


The initial response from ATI is exactly that:




Thank you for contacting us. Sorry to hear about the problem. From your description, it appears to be old filter capacitors that are taking time to warm up (called "forming"). If the amp had previously been installed in a warm place without adequate ventilation, then the caps would have started to dry out, resulting in 30-45 seconds to properly form.

If you connect your speakers to the two amp modules farthest out from the centre of the amp, does it still take 30-45 seconds for the humming to fade away?



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