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Klipsch RF-7 and RC-7 Cherry - San Diego - price lowered 1/10

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Selling my trusty RF-7 (pair) and RC-7 in Cherry.

These are the last of my home theater Klipsch setup. I've gone through many different speakers (from Heritage, RF62, RF83, to Ultra2 THX and then to these) and RF-7/RC-7 were the ones I've kept long term. They sound amazing and are in great shape for the age. There are a few minor scuffs here and there, but nothing big. All grills are in original condition, no broken pegs or holes, speaker cones are not dented. The best sounding speakers I've had, work great at any volume and are a pure joy to listen to.


EXTRA - a spare 10" RF-7 woofer. I bought it and kept a spare just in case one ever got damaged. That never happened, so it's been sitting in the original shipping box  all this time. I think I also have some of the original paperwork/brochures for these, but not 100% certain I can find them.

EXTRA - speaker cables with banana plugs

EXTRA - Monster cable SUB cables (thick, but soft)


Location: San Diego, CA

Price: $1300....$1200  $1100 for both RF-7, RC-7 and the spare woofer.  Willing to separate, but RFs have to sell first.

RF-7 - $900 ...$800 $750

RC-7 - $400 $350


Price updated 1/21

Price updated 1/10



NO SHIPPING - these are too heavy to be shipped and not be damaged. I've shipped speakers before and it's too much of a gamble.





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If you decide to split them up I would like a chance to get the RC-7. I need one in Cherry to match my fronts and surrounds. Yours looks to be in excellent condition. 

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Wish I didn't live all the way across the country.  Love the RF-7.

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Buy a pair of original Rf-7's with an extra woofer & cables and get a nearly free Rc-7.

Yes, this packaged price is nice!

FYI - Tax returns are coming soon.........


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