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For Sale - HIPs


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Having heard the new Klipsch at Chief Bonehead's class, I want a pair of Heresy IVs.  To fund the purchase, I'm willing to sell my approx 1980 HIPs.  These have cast-frame K-42s, solder-terminal K-55-Vs, K-77-Ms and Type HIE networks, all unmodified.  The cabinets have been bumped around some, but are presentable.  I added corner protectors.  The previous owner added 1/4" speaker jacks.  They work great and sound excellent.  I used them for a handful of church events and they got high praise, biamped with a pair of KP-480s.  $500 for the pair plus shipping from 37343.  I think they weigh 55 pounds each.  You can pick them up just north of Chattanooga, TN, or I'll drive 100 miles to meet you. 


Help a brother upgrade!  🤣








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11 hours ago, kg4guy said:

I have a new Klipsch silver logo for these if you need one looks like one is missing I'll send for postage cost .


Thanks!  But I just forgot to pull the blue tape off the "missing" one after I touched them up a year ago. 

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