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Looking for a pair of La Scala's!!


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I am guessing you probably saw this in the "Alert" section.




I little on the pricey side IMHO, but i driving distance for you...


I bought my La Scalas for $600 Canadian, but they are very rough.

They play fine, and will look great after I get to refurbishing the cabinets.


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I have a pair that I might be selling soon in excellent condition, stained dark with solder terminal dual phase plug K-55V's and ALK universal crossover networks. They are 1977 models with the rare striped Klipsch badges.  I am looking at a pair of Klipschorn's this weekend.  I am in the Burlington, VT area which is still quite a drive for you though.


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1 hour ago, Peter P. said:

How about THESE in Hudson Valley?


If you're willing to replace the tweeters, you'd be in business!


Or THESE in Allentown, PA? Much more presentable, with a commensurately higher price.

I live in NYC too. Those have been listed for a while. I think both are asking about double what they’re worth. First pair looks like they need a lot more than just tweeters. 

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