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5 minutes ago, RandyH001 said:

my apologies--

All's fair in hand grenades and hockey!

Cannot find the vid of even one of the times that KidRock cranked the siren. goto 50 seconds if you want.


I love that tacky Canadian!



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& Bill seemed to be trying to stick with the way it was written almost. No so much like he was reading it but thinking in his head how it should go. They were pretty young looking then weren't they?

Those guys in the band had to be intelligent to compose what they did and I'm sure they put it to paper.

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Scene it, A++ scene that is. Watched most of that movie when you introduced me to it a few years ago. That early live version is pretty good at showing the level of talent that was onstage then!

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* Halfway into it, I've hear these tunes before. It's been a long time, and these are good even if you aren't a full blown Jethro Tull fan!

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For a band to be so tight when performing live it is necessary to have a good drummer. Copeland must have good math knowledge for his timing to be so good.

I did enjoy it already before I logged in this am!  

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