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Chilly & Overcast

Still calling for around 1 foot of snow here Sunday! I'm stocked up on needed stuff and have natural gas heat...

Early Frampton to me just has no other peers as far as the music goes.



round two.



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So you're the one I got that exact bookmark from.

I've heard others do it, but that one has stuck with me since I "stole" it from the forums a year or two ago!




*Nope it's in here, had to move it


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* found it
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Yes don't know man. Like both popular rock versions and other. Good choice with your good coffee 😺

Been trying to catch up and following here.

Glad to see it still alive and well.

Meant to send you coffee icon.

Talking to me?

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15 hours ago, JohnJ said:

Excellent Covers:



 I FOUND THE TOASTER!!!  apparently we're not evolved enough yet for it...

..."We're Not Worthy"

their vinyl albums are so expensive in germany, not available below 50 € = 57 $  list price

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Yea I'm glad I got the green, yellow and purple ones when our DJ got me hook line and sinker on that psychedelic Beatles sounding pair of nuts. Have you heard them cutting up on interviews? These guys have fun getting rich!



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