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No don't adjust your tv, it's not 2:00 am in 1977!!


Just thought this fit in with your Aaron Lewis @Mikekid.

We need to stick together and stay strong through all the attacks going on every day against us! What would our predecessors think if we didn't fight back against them!



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That's a good run ^^^. Do not think I ever saw Steely Dan on the Midnight Special back then!

Heart? Back when those girls were gorgeous? Yep saw them a lot when they looked like that and jammed like that also.

Killer TOOL, then U2 being thought provoking like they can be!


& I was stuck on something I said earlier with my Dom Martin post. No the other DOM.. from Ireland with the heavy blues guitar! Anyhow he's got a cover on there that although I like his music, he butchered. Couldn't help it, no one can make anything else out of Willie's iconic song since Patsy did it over 60 years ago!






Think they call that a mic drop now-a-days :wink: or like I'd say... the trump-card!

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26 minutes ago, Mikekid said:




To the only other person here that has posted Frank Marino that I've seen.


Phenomenal guitarist and showman!

Opened for Ted and Aero back when Aerosmith were sometimes ripped with Steve and Joe fist fighting on stage.


Blew both of `em off the stage immediately prior to his Live record coming out!

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Well... almost bought some `76 Cornwalls this weekend, all stock & original. He wanted 1800 HA! Yea Right!

With the increased sensitivity it could have been concert level here for a couple days!



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