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41 minutes ago, JohnJ said:



To the only other person here that has posted Frank Marino that I've seen.


Phenomenal guitarist and showman!

Opened for Ted and Aero back when Aerosmith were sometimes ripped with Steve and Joe fist fighting on stage.


Blew both of `em off the stage immediately prior to his Live record coming out!

Yup...pure talent. And he really is such a nice man too. I hope he is doing ok, he had some health issues.  That particular concert has been on sale for some time now. I NEED to get it.... Yeah, ol' Steve and Joe's pissing matches...lol. Uncle Ted ...👌

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1 hour ago, billybob said:

The Real Mccoys...take note:

 @Full Range  Might have another Buckeye convert down there in gator country.  Playing that Buckeye theme song!  Word on the street again today is that in 2025 Florida State AND Clemson are both joining the B1G (Big Ten logo) in 2025.  Hear that @JohnJ😂


Yup, I was there it happened!  



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1 hour ago, Dave1291 said:

@JohnJ keep laffin just remember he who laffs last...  I'm  goin to bed!  lol

I just got up, my schedule got messed up with that trip day before yesterday.

Now that I've got the lay of the drive down I'll do it at 4 am anytime!


*It's just sooo messed up!

How do you thinkClemson & FL State can leave the acc since the acc will control their rights even after that could possibly happen?

Those old ironclad regulation/laws can't be beat! Ask that shipping company from the first bridge crash the other week?

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