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Recommend a decent soldering iron

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Looking to clean up some stuff in my Heresy crossovers and my speaker wiring/connectors.  I have two really cheap soldering irons that I bought that just aren't cutting it.  What's a good brand/model to look at?

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I have been using an Aoyue 937+ digital controlled for over 5 yrs. (Came with an xtra heating element that I have yet had to use). Used it for redoing my Klipsch x-overs recently as well as small IC design/prototyping and receiver/subwoofer repairs. Compatible with Hakko 936 (937?) tips. Paid $50 new. This particular version may no longer be available (company may have gone more upscale/commercial) and/or may have been replaced by this one https://www.amazon.com/Aoyue-9378-Programmable-Digital-Soldering/dp/B00BSW69LI  You may be able to find some used on ebay or AliExpress (if you don't mind waiting for delivery :(  https://www.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-aoyue-937.html


I originally bought mine at SRA Soldering Products. Here's their current list of Aoyue products: https://sra-solder.com/soldering-equipment/soldering-stations


Depending on your present and future soldering needs, finding a relatively inexpensive 60W soldering iron (as opposed to station) might serve your needs just fine. The brands others have mentioned (Weller and Hakko..not familiar with Pace) are also good suggestions.



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I have this Hakko 888D.  You might also get some tips for it for another ten bucks or so.  I used an $8 soldering pencil from Radio Shack for years.  It was stupid of me to be so stupid for so long just because I was cheap. 


I'm smarter now.  🤓



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OK, that new Hakko just makes me feel old. My 'new' iron was a donor from my workplace, and has a cal sticker on it dated 2003, before they were replaced with a new model. So I've used it for ~20 years. It replaced a Weller, and a Pace before that. 


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