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    A nice loaf of brioche, egg, cream, tiny bit of cinnamon, and VT maple syrup, because ours is the best. I'll fight you, Canada.
  2. It looks like the cap lead had broken in the past, dues to stress, and someone tried to solder onto the remaining nub. They also damaged the cap with excess heat. You're doing the right thing by replacing the lot. A few other sources for caps: HiFi Collective Sonicraft Parts Connexion
  3. His mistake is that reflected sound in music reproduction space is not equal to the reflected sound captured in a music performance space.
  4. Not a bad deal (highest cost is fragile packed). Dependent on box size:
  5. IDK, I don't own K-horns, lol. Seriously, Al K Engineering has a solution using Dave Harris' Eliptrac 400 (contact Dave directly). You'd have to build the frame (plans on Al's website). Volti Audio has an expensive options. Maybe others will chime in with solutions.
  6. If you're interested in upgrades, focus on those that are reversible, in case you want to return the speakers to original form. For instance, instead of replacing caps in your original AAs, swap in new networks, using the original mounting holes. Replace the k400 with a drop-in tractrix replacement, replacement tweeters, etc.
  7. or you can just clip it out, leaving as much of the leads as possible. Form a couple of j-hooks, connect and solder, and you're done. No need to move the 200 ohm resistor of you go this route.
  8. I have a variety of caps, inductors, resistors, and pots for sale. One lot, no splitting. Some of the pieces are unused, some have shortened lead lengths, all in good shape. $100 plus shipping. I thought I/attempted to take a pic before I packed them all away, couldn't find the pic. Fortunately, I have another pic of a snare drum, with some of the pieces in the background. Mods, let me know if I need to retake pics. I really don't want to unpack this stuff. Please refer to the attached list for specifics. Parts List.pdf
  9. Just to wrap this up, I’ve finished treating the dry areas of the surrounds using Simply Speakers’ PVA. I preferred adding a bit of water, to help it flow a bit better. After ~3 light applications, I couldn’t tell where the dry sections started/ended. Nice and flexible, worked like a charm. Time to get them back in the La Scalas.
  10. PVAs it is. Thanks to @Curious_George and @Chief bonehead for your replies.
  11. No, Madman1 brought up a different issue in regards to cone integrity. Comments about doping of the K-33 surrounds are welcome. Any suggestions?
  12. Yeah, judging by my searches, it's between Latex and PVA adhesives.
  13. Madman1, please start a post for your issue. Hope this doesn't sound rude (that is not my intention), but I want to keep this post focused.
  14. I searched forum, and didn't find anything specific mentioned. I also searched the web, and there are all kinds of opinions about what should be used, for paper surrounds in general. I'd like to know what is specifically recommended for the K-33-E woofer surrounds. Why? Well, I pulled the woofers from my La Scalas recently, and found a build up of dusty debris on the bottom-facing side of each woofer. This debris has pulled a lot of the doping from that portion of the surrounds, for a length of about 3". It looks dry to the eye. I'd like to replenish the doping in those areas (if possible), so am wondering if anyone has recommendations. I'm particularly interested in what @Chief bonehead might have to say about this, should he see this post. My interest is in refurbishing the surrounds correctly, so as not to affect the driver parameters. Any help is appreciated.
  15. I still have mine. Had to sink some money into it a couple of years ago, after putting it back into commission. Turns out the power board and the upsampler crapped out. Kevin gave me the exchange price on both parts, so the refurb cost wasn't too bad. Works like a champ now.
  16. I don't think you were duped; has anyone posted this statement from the Crites website? It's at the top of the New Crossovers page (cut and pasted): "Here are some examples of our new custom built crossovers for Klipsch speakers. Plesse note that due to parts availablility, the new crossovers you order today may vary slightly in layout and components when compared with these images." The crossovers are well done, with good quality parts, and the price is certainly fair. I've built enough crossovers to know how much time goes into a well executed build. Hook them up and enjoy them.
  17. If you have approval over M&S ad copy, then I'm impressed, and a proponent of this. Our sales group likes to occasionally quote what they call, "Typical specs", lol.
  18. Lol, $600 for deoxit. The ad-copy read like a really dry satire piece.
  19. Take it back. And it's spelled Ye olde horne lense.
  20. The Heresy has a horn, not a lens. These terms are not interchangeable.
  21. Stay away from ads with too many exclamation points. Too many is more than zero.
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