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7 minutes ago, babadono said:

Neutral and hot were swapped? Those testers don't check for ground/neutral swapped. Was the green "ground light" on even when the wires were swapped?

Yes, the tester said hot/neu reverse. 


The Ground light was not on on the power strip before. It now is. 

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7 hours ago, Dave1290 said:

Try this just for giggles...  Make SURE your speakers are wired correctly.  Yea, yea I know ya know but check things out and make sure you're good.  NOTHING touching to short anything. 

I'm running a Prima Luna and using a Schiit Mani from my Linn table.  Sounds fantastic for $150. 

Double check the speaker wiring for phase and shorts.  Relax and check things out.  Don't stress.  It ain't rocket science.  Go right back to the basics with your set up.  Step at a time.  Start over if you have to and take your time. Cross your fingers too  :)


I double checked and re seated the speaker wires before turning everything on again. After re wiring connecting the wall outlet problem. 😁

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