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Does Customer Support Exist?


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  • 2 weeks later...

I had a question a few weeks ago that I sent in via email and it was answered via email the next day.  With all the virus issues actual human response will be slowed down when contacting most any company.  I haven't called Klipsch in over 20 years prior to this and always got through to a human (good old days).  

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2 days ago I placed a warranty repair for my 70” LG smart TV

The next day I had a live call from LG 

Later that afternoon the repair technician called to clarify the fault and indicated that he will order parts 

When the parts arrive he will call again to make a time to complete an in-house repair 


So now I’m waiting for that call 



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i've been waiting over 4 months for a response about one of my R-115SW subwoofers having a HUM and the other one had an amp go out.


i got an automated response - and another email at the 2 month mark saying they're working to get to my concern....


i ended up just purchasing an amp directly from my local klipsch dealer to fix the one that died. 


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We are far enough along in this pandemic new normal that there is no excuse for them not to be operating very close to pre-pandemic levels of service. I had an issue with a new TV and everything was handled promptly and professionally via email and resulted in an in home repair. Not once was the pandemic used as a justification by them to excuse poor service. 

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I submitted a warranty claim on my four month old wireless earbuds *two months* ago and have never gotten a response. I spent an *hour* holding on the phone trying to get someone in customer support before hanging up in disgust.  One of the earbuds just straight up died and doesn't work and I need a replacement and I feel like I was scammed by Klipsch for buying this defective product. 

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