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What genre of music is your absolute favorite

Brian Tambe

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On 3/10/2021 at 10:49 PM, Brian Tambe said:

Hey guys , I thought I would post something that might inform us of what is the  most popular  genre of music 🎼 that us Klipsch Loudspeaker fanatics crave and enjoy the most!! Mine is smooth jazz , aka jazz fusion , aka contemporary modern jazz. An example is the group I posted a CD of theirs released here in the US in August of 1991. OMG do these guys sound incredible on my FORTE III’S. I listen in 2-channel ( of course ) and  you’d swear the sub is on , however , it is NOT!! It still amazes me how much fabulous sound comes out of these Loudspeaker cabinets!! The way the mid-range disperses sound you’d swear there are rears playing but they are Not. What’s your favorite groove?


The Rippingtons are my favorite as well.  Try life in the Tropics.

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Our sound systems and Klipsch speakers are merely a delivery system for music. If you only listen to this or that you really

need to expand your musical horizon. A lifetime is not enough time to explore our world of music. I hope that did not sound

too philisophical.

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This really got me thinking... I've worked in music for 40 years and to select one's preferred genre is not easy.

I'd say piano solo (classical and jazz) and full orchestra; but since piano solo is relatively easy to reproduce while orchestra is an ordeal for any system, I's say that I preferably play piano music.

Lately Mozart Sonatas and/or players like Keith Jarrett, Martial Solal, Gonzalo Rubalcaba.. Thoughtful players rather than dazzling ones.

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Music I grew up with -- 60s & 70s classic rock, spanish guitar music (Andre Segovia), lots of jazz. I am avoiding piano music as it sounds distorted via my khorns. I listen to the master recordings on Tidal which sound decent. My RME dac doesn't decode MQA but the sound is good. Own a few DSD albums that sound great.


As far as those recordings that aren't so great I can remember from my younger days a fix for that. Roll up a big fat doobie and any old recording will sound great.

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