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4 hours ago, Limberpine said:

I thought about buying them, but I don't NEED any more speakers.......

😆😆 I was thinking that's not too far from Seattle but yeah I've got too many speakers already myself... good deal for someone though 

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3 minutes ago, Nholbrook said:

Limberpine, for some reason it says that I'm allowed to send 0 messages per day, haha. Anyone know why this is happening?

I think under the forum rules, you have to post five times to gain the ability to PM. Post a few ... posts in threads I guess

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On 4/5/2021 at 3:06 PM, Limberpine said:

Does anybody have an info on how hard it is to change out the tweeters on these? And what those tweeters might cost?

Shouldn't be that hard at all to replace.  These are basically Heresy II's on steroids, and that's a damned good price on them.  These are solid Birch Ply if I am remembering correctly, and much more robust physically and electronically than your normal Heresy models.


Offer the guy $250, seeing as the tweeter pair should run you $100 if you put K-77's in them.  I have a pair that I could be induced to sell.

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1 hour ago, Limberpine said:

Which tweeters would you have to use and how much do they cost? 

you dont need to replace the tweeters ,all you need are 2 diaphragms ---so 2 options ------phenolic or titanium --


 K75-K76-K79 and pretty much all the tweeters made by klipsch  for the past + 35 years -share the same diaphragm ---


FS - Klipsch K-79-K Horn Speaker - $50 - Garage Sale - The Klipsch Audio  Community

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