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Social Media is Overly Helpful


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On 8/26/2021 at 2:15 PM, oldtimer said:

They left out the OP's who pm calling them aholes and thanking them in advance for not posting in any of "their" threads...

so we own threads we start?   Can I charge rent to post in one of my threads?  $20 or two bottles of hot stuff if you want to respond; and thank you for only posting replies that support my point of view. 

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On 8/26/2021 at 11:21 PM, BigStewMan said:

I wonder how many word of mouth sales resulted from forum discussions?  I know I've recommended Klipsch to someone and they bought..

Ha! I am sure I assisted in many dozen sales over a 15 year period, especially over on AVSFORUM.

On 8/30/2021 at 10:01 PM, BigStewMan said:

so we own threads we start?   

Nope. You don't.  Some mornings I wake up and it's like I never posted my opinion on the Klipsch Forum the night before.🤤LOL! Btw, I blame it on Jeff. ;)

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I rewrote this last year:


Q: How many Klipsch Owners does it take to change a crossover?
1 to change the crossover and to post that the crossover has been changed.
14 to share similar experiences of changing crossovers and how the crossover could have been changed differently.
7 to caution about the dangers of changing crossovers.
17 purists who say it's not "Klipsch" anymore.
6 to argue over whether it's 'crossover' or 'cross-over'.
Another 6 to condemn those 6 as stupid.
22 to tell THOSE 6 to stop being jackasses.
2 industry professionals to inform the group that the proper term is 'network'.
249 to post meme's and gif's.
19 to post that this page is not about crossovers and to please take this discussion to a crossover page.
11 to defend the posting to this page saying that we all use crossovers and therefore the posts are relevant here.
16 to post 'Following' but there's 3 dots at the top right that means you don't have to.
36 to debate which method of UPGRADING crossovers is superior, where to buy the best components, what brand of capacitors work best for this, and what brands are faulty.
11 to get highly offended at the term "upgrade".
7 to ask if the brands of capacitors used are worth the money.
5 People to post pics of their own crossovers.
5 to post to the page that they will no longer post or are leaving because they cannot handle the $!%cking crossover controversy.
6 to report the post or PM an admin because someone said "f÷×$"
17 people to take screenshots and post them in other groups and forums.
5 crossover builders who want to get in on the argument or take up for themselves and try to join the group.
2 to question the available testing equipment of said crossover builders.
4 to say "Didn't we go through this already a short time ago?".
13 to say "Do a search on crossovers before posting questions about crossovers".
1 to take screeenshots and send them to Klipsch to try to make me look bad.
2 engineers to want me to ban anybody who dare change crossovers and leave when I won't.
3 to remind everyone that Klipsch rebuilds crossovers.
19 to ask who does the rebuilding, who do they call, how much does it cost, how long does it take, and other details.
0 to respond because apparently nobody actually knows that.
1 late arrival to comment on the original post 6 months later and start it all over again.
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This is the best I could read in the last ten years, although I wondered why there were so many explanations for simple things every day. It amuses me when Facebook notifies me about the obvious things but can't explain how to restore access to the page linked to an Instagram account before the company was bought out by Facebook and can't give a clear answer. While I had insta likes and subscribers there, I just wanted an answer and got my business back. But no, I have to mark "this content was not useful" and wait for something from Facebook, which apparently collects estimates regarding its wiki articles "how to do what I can not do myself.

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