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[FIXED] Cornwall 1 bad crossover help


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2 hours ago, gsgleason said:



Really the point was just to see if new caps fixed the issue without dropping $100, which it did.


It seems that people will endlessly debate capacitors around here, so instead of worrying about all that, I just got something that was a) good enough, and b) available, to get the speakers functioning to the point where I could see if I wanted to keep them.


Unfortunately, the problem I have now is that when I switch from the cornwalls to the RF5s, (which I've had and loved for a while), the sudden change makes them sound thin and harsh, as if they're missing an entire spectrum of sounds.  Seems the 3 way design is superior (probably no surprise there).


My issue right now is the cornwall lows seem to have some reverberation to them unlike the RF5 which sound much tighter to me.  And they're monsters.  Honestly way too big for my space.


My current plan is to sell the cornwalls and wait for a deal on a smaller heritage speaker.


I can fully understand your point and wish you good luck to find a nice pair of e.g. Heresies. I never had those but sometimes I read here that the first generation or the newest ones are preferred by some. Anyway, all series might be very good.

Talking the older ones you are now quite well prepared regarding the topic of caps🙄

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5 hours ago, Crankysoldermeister said:

The PIO sound the best to me, but it became a hard sell. I can always thank Bob and Al for convincing everyone that they were terrible and that I was hearing things. 

And also voices?😱

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That looks marginal.

But I read the chief mentioning some time ago that the capacitors failures may add in the series configuration. Is there also some phase shift if the coils keeps the same value and the cap differ?

Ok, 2.2 uF is within the tolerance range of the original spread, so the first one e.g. in an AA should be quite right. 

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5 hours ago, captainbeefheart said:


How so?


2.2uF will lower the crossover frequency putting more low frequencies to the sensitive K77 not the other way around.


Hi @captainbeefheart  :)


I am French, so I hope to explain my point of view well.


We agree and yes that's exactly it, the 2.2µF will cut lower and it is possible that the listener hears more of the treble towards the crossover zone, towards 4 or 5khz, by accumulating this at the middle horn; the listener may find his speaker more "spicy" 


Yes, 2.2µF is almost identical to 2µF and the difference must be marginal, I just wanted to explain how to easily make a capacitor at the exact and theoretical value with 1.8µF + 0.22µf = 2µF


It is good for you 👍

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