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How many systems do you have?


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Highlighting  my shame


  1. Main two-channel system: Heresy 3 with Martin Logan Dynamo 700 subs being driven by Harman Kardon 430 with a Elekit TU-8200 on standby
  2. Office System 1 (the spouse): Design Acoustics PS-6a driven by APPJ Mini 2013
  3. Office System 2 (mine): Martin Logan DM-12 driven by Yamaha A400
  4. Theater System: KG4 + KG1 + KV2 + RW-12 subs driven by Onkyo TX-NR509
  5. Workbench System 1: Klipsch RB-51 II driven by Lepai LP-168HA
  6. Speakers on the shelf: Scott 206D Speakers



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Well out front I have adcom pre amp GFA 5800 to my epic cf-2 and a adcom gfa 555 to my epic cf-1 in my bed room I have a marantz receiver running my monitor audio silver 8i,3i,10i and SVS pb12-plus on kitchen table I have laptop klipsch 2.1 system and the best part it’s all in my 500 square foot apartment !!! My neighbors love me !! Lol I think anyway hahahaha

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